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Facial Cleansing - The Foreo Line

       Facial cleansing tools have become incredibly popular over the last few years, and for good reason! They provide you with a deeper clean when compared to traditional methods, can help to get rid of breakouts, and are common components to anti-aging routines. There are many different styles to choose from. We're featuring the very popular Foreo line today, keep reading to find the perfect facial cleansing brush for you!        Foreo products have a unique silicone design. With a wide range of cleansing tools, there is a device that is perfect for everyone. These tools are non abrasive,...

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Skincare Over 50, Less is More

At 56, I finally discovered less is more, and my skin never looked better! If you are like me, your “skincare” drawer was full of half used bottles of serums, masks, and various creams. Trying something new, loving it and then switching to the next hottest thing is a way of life for women over 50. We are all in search of the next jar of hope, never an easy quest. Once we find products we wind up applying too many at once. Wishing for the perfect combination, and never really knowing which products are working. Take the radical approach...

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