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Beauty 101: Surviving the Holiday Season

The holidays are fast approaching and with the celebratory cheer may come some not-so-nice beauty blunders; stress, overindulgence and improper skincare can wreak havoc on our bodies! Here is how to survive.Prevention is key. Hydrate! If you have not switched your lightweight moisturizers to something more emollient, now is the time. You do not want to wait until you are flaky, dry and sensitized. Apply moisturizer to your entire body within the first three minutes after stepping out of the shower to ensure you are sealing in the water left on the surface of the skin. Do not forget about...

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10 Secrets to Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want their skin to “glow” & radiate beauty? How do we achieve this flawless glowing look? Well if you follow some simple steps, you can get the look everyone is striving for!      Check out these “secret tips,” & put on that beautiful smile!     1. Avoid smoking     It goes without saying that smoking is a major “no no” when it  comes to skin.  It can dry out your skin and leave you with bags under your eyes, just like you would get if you stayed up all night long.  It also causes premature aging and lots of wrinkles because it...

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