Indulge yourself in the latest beauty tools and devices from newest and most innovative beauty companies.  - These amazing at home beauty devices give you the professional results you desire without the cost or need to see a physician.

Lazerfuzion Lip Phototherapy Device Lazerfuzion is an FDA cleared small portable phototherapy device for stimulating the lips through microcirculation using near infrared LED.  The technology behind the lazerfuzion device is a fusion of phototherapy and lip plumping ingredients to help volumize, hydrate, and smooth your lips for the most amazing natural lip treatment you ever had!
TAO Clean Cleaning System The TAO Clean Aura Clean Facial Brush and Cleaning Station is a hygienic and efficient way to perfectly polish the skin, gently smoothing and reinvigorating microcirculation as it travels.
SmoothSkin Gold

SmoothSkin Gold was created to give you the beautiful hair free skin you desire. We all dream of having perfect flawless skin and using SmoothSkin Gold has been proven to help skin look and feel healthier. It’s time to start treating those unwanted hairs to help you glow with radiance and get the ultimate smoothness.

no!no! PRO Hair Removal Devices Get sexy, smooth skin without any pain! The no!no! device is a high quality professional hair removal device that uses patented Pulsed Thermicon Technology to remove hair without pain. It delivers a pulse to each hair and crystalizes unwanted hair with no pain. This technique allows you to stay free of unwanted hair for 4 to 6 weeks so you can go weeks without shaving!
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NuFACE Trinity + ELE Attachment Gift Set

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NuFACE Trinity + Wrinkle Reducer Attachment Gift Set

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Lazerfuzion Lip Phototherapy Trio Set

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Lazerfuzion's Lip Phototherapy System is a complete lip volumizing system....


BEAUTISCOOP Crisp White/Green Single

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