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Murad Essential-C Toner

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You can “C” the difference Murad Essential-C Toner makes on your face!

The environment; sun, wind, and other toxins, can play havoc with your skin.  Sometimes just washing your face is not enough to undo the damage caused by sun exposure, which can result in issues like dark spots, dry skin and wrinkles.  This Murad toner can help calm environmentally stressed skin while it brightens and hydrates your face.

The Murad Toner Natural Formula

Orange and Coneflower extracts are powerful natural compounds that moisturize and protect your skin.  Witch hazel is blended in for its anti-microbial properties and to tighten and tone.  Finally citrus oils deliver much-needed anti-oxidants to neutralize the damaging free radicals caused my UV exposure and lighten dark spots.

In Murad reviews at, you will consistently find 5 stars awarded to its many products for being safe and effective for users, year after year.

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