Dr. Lipp

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Dr. Lipp believes in simplicity & efficiency, which is why this award-winning balm contains just one ingredient, medical-grade lanolin from free-roaming sheep down under. Dr. Lipp is cruelty-free, of course, and are on a mission to make you feel really great. A bit like a doctor you might say.

Dr. Lipp launched because their super founder Pontine suffered from the driest eczema-prone skin (trust us, she was fed up). After trying everything, she discovered the product with the fastest and most lasting effect was, nipple balm. Oh yes, you read right! Nipple Balm!  So Pontine took on nipple balm (quiet down at the back!) and decided to take on the world!

While researching her nipple balm’s origins of Lansinoh and Medilan, Pontine discovered it had been used for CENTURIES!  It had been a skincare favorite as far back as 90AD in ancient Greece, where it was recorded in the world’s first ever pharmacopeia. Almost absolutely identical to our skin’s natural oils and so complex scientists today can’t reproduce anything as good as the real thing! It truly is a miracle of nature! Lanolin has been used for decades in modern skincare and pharmaceutical product formulations, but is often overlooked by most of us as a single ingredient and so don’t know how could it can be on its own! It’s extracted from sheep’s wool – and we’re not sure how that came about, but dread to think of a life without it.

Today, make-up artists, celebs, the beauty industry elite and beautiful customers across the world are in love with our Original Nipple Balm for everything and anything, from glossy lips, to dry elbows, taming brows, conditioning cuticles, you name it.

Oh, and it's 100% natural... Obviously.

Dr. Lipp | askderm.com