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Our ancestors did not have pills or day crème to heal or protect themselves against the circumstances. But what they did have was the strong healing power of what was given to them by nature. Based on this, they developed their own traditions of skin and body care. This history goes back for thousands of years. People prepared blends of extracts coming from plants, herbs, flowers and oils. By experimenting with it, they discovered what worked and what did not. This knowledge and their traditions were passed on from one generation to the next.

Treets Traditions Mission: Searching all over the world for valuable knowledge and traditions of body care. To enrich these ancient old traditions with the knowledge we have today, Treets ensures that these traditions become accessible for everyone. Treets wants people to rediscover these traditions, so that they will not be forgotten. The Treets Traditions products are based on proven knowledge from the past, adapted to today’s needs.

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