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Beth Bender Beauty Cat Eye Makeup Stencil

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Create trendy Winged Eyeliner and classic Cat Eye Makeup looks in seconds using our one of a kind Winged Eyeliner Stencil/Cat Eye Makeup Stencil. Easy to use with gorgeous results every time! Our eyeliner stencils are made in the USA with the highest quality material and are currently used in 121 countries around the world and counting.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes makeup application simple
  • Comfortable to hold

Perfect for: All skin types

Usage Instructions 

Let's create winged liner. Start by taking your cat eye makeup stencil and placing it over your eyelid. Use your index and middle fingers to hold your stencil in place before applying your color. For a trendy and thicker winged liner look you’ll want to make sure the black guideline of your cat eye stencil shape is placed approximately 1/8'' to 1/4" above your lashline and the tip/point of your stencil slightly up to create the winged effect. The key is to extend your cat eye makeup stencil out from the end of your eye and point the tip up at a slight angle. The further you move your stencil away from your outer eye and point the cat eye tip up, the more of a winged liner effect you'll have.

For an easy application, follow this guideline along the cat eye stencil shape and up into the point when applying your color. For a classic petite cat eyeliner look place the edge or black guideline of your stencil closer to your lashline. Although many makeup artists who have featured the stencils use a liquid or gel liner to create their eyeliner looks, for the best results we usually recommend using a powder shadow first to create your winged liner or cat eye makeup look before going over with a liquid or gel liner.

Using a medium size eyeshadow brush create your winged eyeliner look by dipping your brush into your color (making sure to tap off any excess color) and applying your shadow into the cat eye stencil shape. As you apply your color inside the cat eye shape, use a pressing motion (not a sweeping) with your brush to ensure that the eyeshadow is applied evenly. Remember to follow the black guideline. For a more defined eyeliner look and to intensify the color, dampen your eyeshadow brush using either an eyeliner sealant or a drop of water before dipping it into your eyeshadow.

Make sure to wipe your winged eyeliner stencil clean with a soft tissue or a baby wipe and repeat the same steps on the other eye.


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