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Beth Bender Beauty The Original Cat Eyeliner Stencil & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil

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The original eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils created by celebrity makeup artist Beth Bender. Our eyeliner stencils are made in the USA with the highest quality material and are currently used in over 135 countries around the world and counting. Create your favorite eye makeup and eyeliner looks effortlessly with PRO results every time, anywhere.

Our eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils are flexible, easy to use and made to fit any eye shape and eye size. With our eyeliner stencils and eye makeup stencils, creating perfect cat eye makeup, top & bottom liner and sultry smokey eyes can be easily achieved in just a few simple steps.


Applying popular eye makeup looks has never been easier with Beth Bender Beauty's Original Cat Eye Makeup & Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil Set. Never before has there been an eye makeup tool that allows you to create numerous eye looks without the help of a makeup artist on hand. 


Create perfect cat eye makeup and winged eyeliner in seconds, Use with any eyeshadow, gel liner, cream, and liquid, Create sultry smokey eyes anywhere in no time, Create top/bottom liner with ease 


1 Eyeliner Stencil (Can be used to create top liner, cat eye makeup, cat eyeliner and winged eyeliner), 1 Smokey Eye Makeup Stencil (Can be used to create bottom liner and a cut crease), 1 Step by Step Instruction Card 


  • Easy to use
  • Makes makeup application simple
  • Comfortable to hold

Perfect for: All skin types

Usage Instructions 


For the best results beauties, don't use a pencil with these stencils. We recommend using an eyeshadow first to create the desired shape before going over with your favorite liquid, gel or pencil liner to complete the look. 


Point stencil out & tip up at slight angle for perfect winged shape. For a winged liner that is thicker place the stencil further away from the lashline, and for a thinner winged liner place it close the lashline. 


Place your Bottom Liner Stencil underneath your lashes, hold in place and fill in with color. Remove your stencil, wipe clean and repeat on the other eye.  


Take your Top Liner Stencil (found on the opposite side of the cat eye makeup stencil) and flip it upside down. Hold in place along your lashline using your index and middle fingers and sweep/press your eye color along the black guideline. For a thicker line place your Top Liner Stencil further away from lash line.

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