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Lazerfuzion Lip Phototherapy Trio Set

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Lazerfuzion's Lip Phototherapy System is a complete lip volumizing system. Centered around the FDA cleared phototherapy device, that helps to temporarily increase micro circulation. 

Independent studies show that Near Infrared Phototherapy can boost collagen an average of 31% over several weeks, as well as significantly increase the appearance of smoother lips. 

How Does It Work?
It is a fusion of phototherapy and lip plumping ingredients to help volumize, hydrate, and smooth your lips for the most amazing natural lip treatment you ever had!

Is It Safe?
Yes, it has FDA clearance. The process is no ablative, (no pain or burning) with a  built in 60 second timer to make applications quick and easy. 

The complete system includes:

  • Phototherapy Device - The lazerfuzion lip phototherapy applicator is the first and only at home FDA cleared phototherapy device tailored for the lips.
  • Lip Plumping Serum - The Lip Plumping Serum contains peppermint oil, vitamin E, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Tripeptide-3 to maximize plumping and hydration. Specially designed to work together with the Lip Phototherapy device for maximum impact.  
  • Plumping Gloss -  Protect and seal your lips following phototherapy with lazerfuzion's soothing Plumping Gloss. Vitamin e , vitamin a Palmitate , and sunflower seed oil help to protect and nourish the skin with a natural radiating shine.
  • Recharger and two Li-ion batteries
  • Owners manual 

Product Highlights:

  • Volumize, hydrate, and smooth your lips.
  • Temporarily increases blood circulation
  • Promotes lip volume
  • Small, lightweight, and portable.

This Product Treats:

  • Lips

Perfect For: Those looking to volumize their lips.

Usage Instructions 

Three easy steps: Gently apply lip scrub in circular motion and then pat dry. Place phototherapy device directly on lips and hold device on each spot for 60 seconds (timer will automatically turn off). Then press black button twice to turn back and on and move to the next spot. Finsh by gently applying the lip primer to lips or mix with your favorite lip color.


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