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NIA24 Intensive Retinol Repair

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This intensive repair treatment is formulated with Pro-Niacin and Retinol to address multiple signs of aging. Niacin helps speed the conversion of Retinol to its active form and reinforce skin’s natural barrier for an effective skin-aging solution without the irritation. Potent Sodium Hyaluronate hydrates skin and locks in moisture.

Continuous, deep delivery of Pro-Niacin improves the skin barrier.

• Pro-Niacin delivers high concentration of Niacin to skin, speeding the conversion of retinol to its active form while reinforcing skin’s natural barrier.
• Retinol increases cell turnover and collagen to improve texture, tone, smoothness, firmness.
• Botanical Complex of Enteromorpha Compressa Extract (seaweed) and Caesalpinia Spinosa Gumactive promote a stronger dermal matrix that minimizes wrinkles.
• Hexapeptide stimulates high quality collagen with peptides to fight wrinkles.
• Sodium Hyaluronate is a potent humectant that hydrates skin and locks in moisture.

Tap into skin’s own self-protective powers 24-hours a day with patented NIA24 - the first inside-out topical Niacin-Powered skin barrier-building system. This patented MicroNutrient Delivery system brings a useful, continuous-release form of Niacin to the skin.

• Reduce the look of deep-set wrinkles and fine lines
• Hydrates and deeply nourishes skin daily
• Firms skin to restore its bounce and youthful contour
• Evens tone and leaves complexion radiant
• Refines and smooths skin texture

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