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Skin Repair Serum

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Our Skin Repair moisturizer is one of our salon firm favorites and is a huge seller. Perfect for both the ladies and the gents this multitasking formula is designed to act as an all-round moisturizer and offers immediate hydration and lasting results, this non-greasy formula is the product of choice for all skin types and ages. This beautiful lightweight, moisturizer absorbs instantly, leaving a dewy, velvety smooth and plump finish with no greasy residue. It boosts hydration and increases skin's ability to retain it, leaving a veil of moisture to rebalance the skin. Better structured, your skin appears firmer, smoother and more resilient with improved hydration levels. Active ingredients include Vitamin E, anti-aging agents and Alistin which provides extraordinary an-oxidative activities. In independent clinical trials conducted over a 21 day period, it was proven that Crystal Clear Skin Repair moisturizer reduced the wrinkles by a mean depth of 22% and increased skin firmness by 14%.

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