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Visha Skincare Cheek 2 Feet

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Cheek 2 Feet is a 4-in-1 all-over spray featuring natural ingredients such as aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree extract to stabilize body odor while diminishing microorganisms on skin that flourish after working out.  Those prone to sweat rashes, and chafing will benefit from the blend of zinc, thyme and peppermint oil that help minimize pore blockage while eliminating troublesome body odors on the spot.  Free of aluminum and harmful chemicals.  Safe for daily use and can be used to maintain skin freshness as well as a treatment option.

A multitasking body spray that is four products in one:

• Helps diminish skin microorganisms on skin that flourish after working out
• Helps decrease body odor and keeps skin fresh
• Helps balance natural skin microbiome to minimize athletes foot and foot odor
• Helps decrease pore blockage in areas of rubbing such as the buttocks and thighs

Perfect for: All Skin Types

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