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Visha Skincare Mommy Purifying Cleanser

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When using Mommy Purifying Cleanser, airborne pollutants and residue from facial products left in the pores are safely and effectively removed, while balancing the pH of the skin and preparing skin for its daytime and nighttime regimen.  The high-performance ingredients in this cleanser also help to address hormonal breakouts and irritation.  Zinc combined with mild fruit acids and vitamin B5 help decrease the inflammation while gently refining skin texture without over-drying.  Mommy Purifying Cleanser is safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mommy Purifying Cleanser is the perfect cleanser to be used twice a day to remove toxins from daily environmental exposure.

A multitasking cleanser that is four products in one:

• Cleanses
• Exfoliates
• Minimizes pores
• Reduces facial redness/scaling

Perfect for: All Skin Types

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