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Visha Skincare RejuVenating Moisturizer

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RejuVenating Moisturizer emollient cream restores moisture, suppleness and overall skin firmness for a fresher, more youthful looking appearance.  Perfect for hormonally-challenged skin types. A concentrated extract from a unique plant tuber, rich in phytoestrogens which include miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol and coumestans helps improve overall skin elasticity while increasing collagen production.  The soothing and calming properties of diosgenin found in the Wild Yam Extract are very helpful in mature skin characterized by dryness, loss of tone and decreased thickness. An extract of red clover flowers rich in isoflavones counters skin aging deficiencies, such as hormone decline, by acting as a substitute.  Daily use will help balance hydration levels while minimizing the appearance of skin ageing related to hormonal deficiency, resulting in an overall improvement in skin elasticity and tone.  Safe for use on outer genital area.

A multitasking moisturizer that is four products in one:

• Improves skin density and elasticity, redefining contours and diminishing expression lines and wrinkles.
• Ingredients combine to exhibit a synergetic firming action for hormonally-challenged skin
• Helps reinforce the skin barrier causing the skin to appear fresher and more youthful
• Overall reduction of in wrinkle density can be seen in as little as 28 days

Perfect for: Normal to Dry Skin

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