10 Secrets to Glowing Skin

Who doesn’t want their skin to “glow” & radiate beauty? How do we achieve this flawless glowing look? Well if you follow some simple steps, you can get the look everyone is striving for!

Check out these “secret tips,” & put on that beautiful smile!



1. Avoid smoking




It goes without saying that smoking is a major “no no” when it  comes to skin.  It can dry out your skin and leave you with bags under your eyes, just like you would get if you stayed up all night long.  It also causes premature aging and lots of wrinkles because it interferes with the blood supply that goes to your face. Smoking has been even associated with acne in adult women.




2.  Use an exfoliating cleanser morning and night

Experts say that one of the most essential skin rituals you can engage in is exfoliating daily.   Not only can exfoliating get rid of skin problems like blemishes and dry skin, it also will leave your skin glowing. 


3. Use a light moisturizer in the morning

It’s essential to have a good morning skincare regime that includes a great light moisturizer.  This will keep your skin soft and hydrated.  Make sure you give careful attention to the area around your eyes. 

4. Use an antioxidant serum

Many people skip the vital step of using an antioxidant serum.  For example, you might want to choose a serum containing vitamin C + E + ferulic acid.  Use your antioxidant serum in the morning before you apply sunscreen.  At night, you should apply a serum that contains resveratrol to protect against photo aging. 

5. Use a sunscreen daily

There are a wide variety of reasons why sunscreen needs to be part of your skincare regime.  First of all, it has been proven to reduce skin cancer rates.  Additionally, it can prevent brown spots and discoloration, and reduce the appearance of blotchiness.  Sunscreen, when used daily, will also significantly slow down the skin aging process. Sunscreen should be reapplied every 2 hours, if you are spending time in the sun. There are mineral powders with SPF and compact powder with SPF that can be used to retouch.


6. Use restorative serums with growth factors at least at night

Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins.  They encourage cells to develop in a healthy manner.  In fact, they take advantage of your skin’s healing abilities.  When you use growth factors, you’ll be able to preserve your youthful appearance for far longer!  This is good news for those seeking to get the glow. 
7. Use an eye balm or cream morning and night

The eyes are one of the first parts of the face that shows aging.  As a result, it is essential to treat them carefully by using an eye balm or cream twice a day.  A good eye cream will support the lipids in your skin and banish puffiness.  It also can improve irritated skin in a gentle manner.  When you keep the area around your eyes moist, wrinkles and lines will be far less likely to pop up.


Many people never even think of using thermal water, but actually this treatment can help in several key ways.  A good thermal water product contains minerals and antioxidants that are healing and transformative to skin.  Feel free to use a thermal water or mist several times a day during the summer or if you are exposed to an air conditioner or heater for an extended period of time.


9. Get a facial or skin treatment

Don’t overlook the value of a good facial.  If you have normal to dry skin, try a hydrating facial for the ultimate in deep cleansing.  Those with normal to oily skin should get an exfoliating treatment at least 4 times a year.  Don’t let years pass by without benefiting from this essential treatment.  It’s a major anti-aging treatment that you shouldn’t ignore.

10. Drink lots of water and sleep well

If you are looking to get that “million dollar glow,” you need to treat your entire body right.  That means ensuring that you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day, as it aids in digestion and blood circulation.  You’ll also need to get enough sleep if you want to look your best.  Lack of sleep can cause inflammation and lead to skin breakouts and skin sensitivity.  So give your skin what it needs to thrive and treat yourself to a good night’s sleep.

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