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Meg 21 Skincare is so confident that their products will help fight premature skin aging that they developed the 28-Day Challenge. As a NYS Licensed Cosmetologist, I sure was intrigued by Meg 21's confidence. I did not hesitate, sign me up! Twenty eight days ago I was first introduced to the Meg 21 Skincare Line. It was developed by researchers who were working on the effects that sugars have in the body including how it can speed up the aging process. For those who know me, I have a true love affair with chocolate. It is part of my diet daily and it has been my biggest struggle to attempt eliminate it. I used the following products for the past 28 days as my skincare regimen. I did not stray from these four products in order to get a strong grasp on their combined effectiveness. Clean and Clear Cleanser Bright and Firm Eye Treatment Cell Therapy meg 21 before and after images Step 1: Clean and Clear Cleanser The Clean and Clear Cleanser is a non-foaming lotion. I used this twice daily: once in the morning to begin my AM routine and once to remove my makeup at night. This is a new type of cleanser to me as I typically use a foaming cleanser. After using this cleanser for 28 days, I am hooked! I recommend massaging this in for at least 30 seconds to get the full benefits. I found it very soft and soothing. After a long day out in the sun, it took away all of my skin's irritations. As an added bonus, this cleanser was great at removing makeup (even for my heavy-handed mascara technique). Step 2: Bright and Firm Eye Treatment I used the Bright and Firm Eye Treatment twice daily as well. I Cannot say enough good things about this product as it is an all-around great product. I saw a definite reduction in fine lines around my eyes. On bad allergy days, my eyes were not puffy at all! I was able to apply my concealer directly over this treatment without any interference. This product came in a convenient pump that made it fast and easy to use. Plus the packaging was adorable! Step 3: Cell Therapy I was most excited to try the Cell Therapy product as it lists Grape Seed as an ingredient. I have tried to incorporate grape seed extract into my diet for years because of its anti-aging qualities so this is the perfect product for me! I also used this product twice daily. The Cell Therapy gave my skin the brightness it was lacking without the harsh side effects of a Vitamin C cream. For those with dry skin, you will want to apply a moisturizer over this product for added moisture. Using this product combined with the summer heat, was enough by itself for me. So for those that have skin that can become irritated quite easily, Meg 21 Skincare may be the answer for you. Now if only it could make me walk past the chocolate it would be a true miracle but it is good to know there is something out there to keep my skin from showing the results of my bad habits.
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