5 Reasons to Start Using Face Oils

#1. 100% Argan Oil is an amazing Multitasker!
Use it on your skin, lips, nails, hair & body!

Create softer, glowing skin by applying Argan Oil to your skin! You can also mix it right into your makeup or moisturizer! Don't forget your lips! A few tricks would be to apply a few drops to your lips BEFORE you get in the shower, the steam of the shower combined with the oil will reveal soft smooth lips! You can also use a small amount just before you apply your lipstick for better wear throughout the day. Use it on your cuticles to maintain healthy nails. Treat the ends of your hair with 3-4 warmed drops and see healthy growth as well as fewer dead ends! (I am OBSESSED - my hair is glowing now - who knew that was even possible!) Lastly -this is a tip that as a Mom of 2 I am proud to share. Use the oil directly onto any stretch marks you may have. I have found that the depth of my "proud mommy marks" have shrank & the color is actually fading as well. I am thrilled with the results & am not completely terrified of bikini season coming up!

#2. Celebrity Secret to Glowing Skin & Silky Hair
Eva Mendes, Salma Hayek, Taylor Swift, Gisele Bundchen & Kim Kardashian

There are many articles and photos of Celebrities endorsing the variety of brands out there with Face Oils. The main message behind them all is - when you use Face Oils - your skin GLOWS! A lot of the Celebs will apply the Oil to their skin the night before a big event as well as right before their makeup is applied. There is a bit of light reflecting properties to the product so it works in conjunction with your makeup to reveal even skin tone as well. You could look Red Carpet ready daily but using a Face Oil. Who doesn't want that?! Oh. Did I mention I use it daily & within 1 week had numerous comments about my skin. Yes. That happened.

#3. Great for ALL Skin Types!
The oil does not create more oil, absorbs & helps prevent breakouts!

Anyone with oily skin is going to freak out & NOT want to use a Face Oil. I get it. It doesn't make sense. BUT - it works. I have reduced my amount of breakouts by about 95%. Yes. I am not exaggerating. There are actually antibacterial bonus' to using Face Oil as well as an over "balancing" effect for the skin. Every skin type will notice your skin just feels healthier!

#4. They are PACKED full of Antioxidants!
They will smooth out existing wrinkles, reflect light & boost your SPF powers against free radicals!

Face Oils are packed full of Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids and some even have other essential oils included as well. Combining the power of your SPF with the natural protection of the antioxidants in the Face Oil you will be getting extreme anti-aging protection & instant results at the same time. Your skin will feel smoother and your makeup will glide on leaving you with a flawless finish!

#5. Supercharge your normal skincare routine!
After applying your normal regimen, before you apply your makeup, pat the oil on top to create a barrier to provide lasting results all day long.

Add a Face Oil to your normal every day skincare routine for added moisture, repair, protection & glow! One simple final step will help create a barrier on your skin to keep all the products you put on your skin penetrate better as well as seal in the moisture to keep your skin glowing all day long!

Stay beautiful.
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