6 Beauty Tips: How To Change Your Skincare For Summer

It is hot and humid. I am blotting my face like I will get paid for every oil-absorbing sheet I pluck from my purse. I felt like I just got my skin balanced and before I knew it, summer was here to challenge my ego. It is time for a skincare overhaul! I know I am not alone; here is what you need to know when it comes to summer skincare and hair care.

Change your products
Forgo heavy full coverage foundations. Instead opt for tinted moisturizers, BB or CC creams and a light dusting of mineral powder.

The creamy face wash you were using all winter may be too much. Switch to a gel based formulation if you tend to be on the oily side.

Change your routine
You may need to exfoliate more or less. Never exfoliate skin that is burned or red and irritated. If your skin become more sensitive during the warmer months you may want to decrease the number of times you exfoliate within the week. On the flipside, hot and humid weather can exacerbate oil production and pores may be more visible. Adding just one more exfoliation to your week may help.

Quench your Skin
Moisturizer and lotions are still important to use daily during the warmer weather, just make sure to switch to an oil-free formulation. If you have oily skin your first reaction may be to forgo any moisturizer what so ever, but this is not going to help. A lack of moisture can send your sebaceous glands into overdrive, producing more oil to lubricate and protect your skin.

Hydrating mists are great for cooling down, calming the skin and adding hydration throughout the day. I love keeping a mist in my fridge, or throwing it into a cooler while at the beach or on a boat.

Unleash your locks
Summer is not the time to try and fight your hairs natural texture. Youtube is a great resource to learn quick and easy hairstyles that embrace your hair type. 

Because you are sweating more and you are applying your sunscreen right up to your hairline like you are suppose to, dry shampoos are a great way to freshen your style, absorb oil and add volume to limp locks. 

UV rays don’t just damage your skin; they can take a toll on your hair, especially color treated hair. Make sure you wear a hat, a scarf or take time to relax under an umbrella.

Protect yourself from the inside out
Studies show that the antioxidants in many fruits and vegetables not only fight free radical damage but also actually boost your skin’s ability to protect itself from the sun! So challenge yourself to consume more fruits and vegetables with every meal.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen..
Sunscreens take time to absorb and begin to work, so as always choose a broad spectrum SPF, apply it 20 minutes prior to exposure and make sure you reapply every 90 minutes!

Now that you have the knowledge of beautiful summer skin and hair - slip into that swimsuit, grab that floppy hat and hit the beach!

Written by yours truly: 
Chantal Monique
NYS Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist with 7+ Years Experience 

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