An Inside Look into an Esthetician’s Nightly Routine

Often I am asked about the specific products I use, how often I use them and in what order. While my routine and the products that I use are geared towards my specific skin type (oily/acneic), there are still take-a-ways that anyone could incorporate into their routine. How I Cleanse at Night: A nightly cleanse is for removing makeup, bacteria and skin pollutants that may have adhered to the skin’s surface via your own sebum. Secondly, nighttime skin routines are for treatment and recuperation of the skin. Basically it is the most important time to wash your face. Never skip a night cleanse! Step 1: I remove my makeup with a cleansing oil or a makeup wipe. You may think putting oil on an oily skin type is counterintuitive, but on the contrary, how I use skin oil is very important. We have all heard the saying “Go together like oil and water”. The point being that oil and water do not mix. Oil binds to oil and because of this I apply my cleansing oil to dry, not damp skin. The cleansing oil binds to the oils in my makeup and the sebum within my pores. I massage the oil directly onto my skin, then I add water to my fingertips and massage further. This oil and water emulsion helps breakdown waterproof mascara and helps lift the sebum from the follicle. For stubborn liquid lipstick I love to use ACURE Coconut Argan oil Towelettes prior to the cleansing oil. Steps 2 & 3: Double cleansing is a must! Anyone who wears makeup should be double cleansing. It is nearly impossible to remove all makeup residue and prep the skin for treatment with just one washing alone. I love using ACURE Facial Cleansing Gel in conjunction with my FOREO Luna for combination skin. I do not necessarily use my Luna for both cleanses but usually on the second cleanse. Step 4: Exfoliation with a manual scrub. While the Luna does exfoliate, my acneic skin requires more. This step is not for everyone (or at least not as often as I am doing it). My skin type is accompanied by retention hyperkeratosis, so I need to keep on top of those accumulating skin cells! The current scrub I am obsessing over is ACURE’s new Pore minimizing scrub. From the title you may be lead to believe this could quite possible be an extremely gritty scrub, but it is not. I would classify it as being a less aggressive scrub than the ACURE Brightening Facial Scrub, because it’s textural component is comprised of jojoba beads. Though I think both scrubs are great, the spherical shape of the jojoba beads lends to a mild, yet effective exfoliation. Moroccan red clay draws impurities from the skin as well. The Pore minimizing scrub smells amazing, like some fruity candy not sanctioned by my vegan diet, yet totally indulgent. Since using this scrub my face feels so much softer to the touch. Step 5: Believe it or not I may still have makeup on the surface of my skin, so I swipe Ren’s Centifolia 3 in 1 Cleansing Water over my skin with a cotton round to remove any remaining makeup. This cleansing water is so gentle and does not disturb the acid mantle. Step 6: I gently dab Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift around my eyes using my ring ringer. I started using eye cream at 15 years old and this has been one of my favorites thus far. Step 7: I apply Pangea Organics’ Moroccan Argan w/ Willow & Rosemary Facial Cream to my face and neck. Keeping oily skin hydrated is key. If oily skin becomes dehydrated sebum production will go into overdrive. This facial cream keeps my skin healthy without feeling too heavy or greasy. esthetician's nightly routine Variations on my Routine: I let my skin tell me what it needs. About three times a week I sweep Professional Solutions Salicylic Acid Exfoliator over my T-zone to help with my abundance of blackheads. If I choose to use this product I do so after I cleanse my face and prior to applying moisturizer. Also it should be noted that if my skin were feeling overly dehydrated or sensitive that night, I would certainly skip this product’s application. Once a week I use my PMD after I cleanse. This microdermabrasion device helps eliminate any discoloration from healed blemishes and removes any flakiness from around my nostrils. I never, ever use the salicylic acid post PMD! That would most likely be too harsh for anyone’s skin and cause sensitivity issues. After the use of my personal microdermabrasion device, I like to soothe and nourish my skin with a mask. ACURE’s Cell Stimulating Mask is a go-to, as well as Rodial’s Dragon’s Blood Hyluranic Mask. This mask reduces any redness or sensitivity I may be experiencing post treatment. On the nights that my skin is feeling good post cleanse- not overly oily, no sensitivity, no major outbreaks I like to use Derma e’s Overnight Peel in place of my moisturizer. This contains AHAs and is great as a gentle anti-aging product. While I am constantly fighting oil, acne and blackheads I am also trying to fight aging in my 30s! With my career centering on skincare, I get to test out and experiment with quite a large variety of brands and products, but what anyone at home can take away from this is knowing the order in which to use certain products. What is also of equal importance is thoroughly removing all traces of that day’s makeup so that your treatment products can penetrate more readily and be more effective!  
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Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 9 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers.

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