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Ren, Swedish for “clean” is a UK brand, founded on the principals of using pure, clean and effective ingredients. 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients are the foundation of product formulation. Ren is free from synthetics; no petrochemicals, silicones, sulfates, phalates, PEGs or parabens. We are all well aware of skincare brands touting larger-than-life claims about “immediate results”. I have been in the skincare industry for over a decade and am often wary of these types of claims. Hearing of a “One minute Facial” seems outlandish, but this product seriously stands up to its title claim! It is very rare to see visible results from one application of any product, but 1 Minute Facial immediately improves the look and feel of the skin. Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial is a unique product and if I had to define it, I would categorize it as a mask treatment. It utilizes water-activated vitamin C to rejuvenate dull skin- whether from dry winter air, UV damage or exposure to urban pollution. Vitamin C combats hyperpigmentation and drab skin tone, while bringing about a glowing healthy complexion. Benefits include but are not limited to: a change in tone, texture and firmness of the skin. REN REVIEW How to Use Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial:
  • Use every three days
  • Apply to a clean, dry face
  • Massage into the skin using circular motions
  • Dampen your fingers, further massage the product, activating the vitamin C
  • Leave on the skin for one minute and rinse
Pro Tip- Shake the tube prior to using as the product separates slightly. Understanding the uniqueness of this product: The application process is unlike most at home masks. This is a simple two-step process. The texture is very unique in and of itself. If you have ever tried and are familiar with the silky, yet dry slip and texture of a silicone based makeup primer, this is very reminiscing of that. Though this product does not contain silicone. This enjoyable texture is most likely due to the silica. While it does have a silk like slip, the mask also contains tiny granulated particles that you can feel while massaging. Obviously the other unique factor to this mask is that it brings about an instantaneous improvement to the skin. My experience: I experienced no tingling or irritation what so ever, despite my skin sensitivities. What I did experience however was firmness and overall brightness. It diminished the redness I have in the center of my face and removed flaky skin I had around my nostrils. These improvements were immediate! Yes, after one minute, not after 28 days of use, like most treatment products. I am beyond impressed with how quickly it improved the look and feel of my skin. So impressed that after my first treatment I right away raddled off an email to my askderm team explaining how they must try 1 Minute facial for themselves! If I had to compile a list of my top five products for 2015, this absolutely would make the list! This is the first product I have tried from Ren and I surely look forward to trying more from the brand.  
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Blog Written by askderm's in-house Esthetician 

Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 9 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers.

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