Beaming White Teeth Whitening Review

Beaming White is one of the largest manufacturers of professional in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments. The products are manufactured within the United States, are 100% vegan friendly and formulated with kosher ingredients. I received the Deluxe at Home Whitening Kit which includes: 10mL of Carbamide Peroxide whitening gel, 3mL of remineralizing gel, cold blue LED light, Custom fit upper and bottom teeth trays, tray storage case and instructions all within a zippered pouch. beaming white teeth whitening kit review My Beauty Expert Tips Schedule a dentist appointment and cleaning prior to starting any whitening treatment to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening and to remove superficial surface stains. Attempting to whiten your teeth without a professional cleaning first is the same as purchasing a luxury serum and applying it without ever having exfoliated your skin and foolishly expecting phenomenal results! A deep cleanse allows for treatment products that are applied after to penetrate deeper and work more effectively!
teeth whitening before and after kit
  Follow the instructions completely for fitting your trays using a boil to soften method. I had to re-dunk my trays twice each to ensure a proper fit. Do not leave them in the hot water so long that the trays collapse on themselves because they will be rendered useless after that. Avoid all dark, staining foods and liquids during the entire treatment time. For me this meant going two and a half weeks without black coffee and red wine! Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly prior to tray insertion. Use the gel sparingly. A little goes a long way. As listed in the instructions you will only need .5mL per tray. Apply this gel to the bottom front of each tray. I did not apply the whitening gel to the very edge of each tray but rather stopped before the indentation of my last molar. This ensured I would not have wasteful gel seeping out. After inserting the trays wipe your gum line with a tissue to remove any excess gel and to prevent sensitivity. Make sure to take before and after photos in the same room, around the same time of day, to document your results. I did not realize how much of a change occurred for me right away because it is a gradual process and it was not until after I looked at my side-by-side photos that I was fully able to comprehend the difference.
beaming white before and after
  My Final Thoughts I am very happy with how my teeth look post Beaming White. They are certainly whiter and brighter. I find myself reaching for bolder lip colors I would have most likely past on prior, because I thought they showcased the yellowing around the perimeters of my teeth. I did experience gum sensitivity during treatment but it should be noted that I have experienced sensitivity with all teeth whitening products I have tried, even those sold by my dentist. Using Beaming White has made me more consciences of flossing regularly, which I think many of us slack on. That was certainly an unforeseen bonus.
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