Beauty 101: Understanding and How to use Skincare Oils

While beauty oils have been used for centuries and many of today’s skincare products are formulated with oils, facial oils have been gaining mainstream attention over the past few years. Despite this, many people are still fearful of trying facial oils as part of their skin care regiment, believing that they all lead to breakouts, but this simply is not true. Yes, some oils are very comedogenic, but we are not talking about synthetic mineral oil here! We are talking about high quality, pure, plant-based oils that have many healthy benefits.
Some great benefits of Skincare oils include: • Reversal of photo aging and sun damage. • Oils are considered “carriers” and can help deliver beneficial ingredients to the skin. • Help to draw out sebum from clogged pores, balancing oily skin types. • Oils contain antioxidants and vitamins: anti-aging ingredients to help fight wrinkles. • Replenishment of moisture and balancing of the skin’s barrier function. • Anti-inflammatory • Aiding skin in the healing process How-to choose an oil:  Oils vary and there is no one, “right” oil, just what oil is right for you. Some oils are heavier, while others seem to just seep right in with no greasy sheen. An appropriate oil will be determined base on your skin type. Fatty acids are essential to the health of the skin. Skincare oils contain both saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Oils can be purchased pure or blended (a carrier oil blended with essential oils). Essential oils should never be applied to the skin undiluted. A few oils to know include:  Argan oil, which contains vitamin E and Squalene, is great starter oil for anyone wanting to introduce oil into their skincare routine for the first time. This oil is also great for acneic skin types. Marula oil is quite comparable to Argan in that they both contain anti-oxidants, help hydrate, heal and fight UV damage. Due to higher levels of oleic acid, Marula oil is more heavy weight making it a better choice for drier skin types. Coconut oil is for the driest of skin types when it comes to facial use but can be enjoy by everyone when used for the body and hair. Coconut oil contains high levels of saturated fat.
How to use Skincare oils:  There is a reason oils come is such small bottles with droppers, they are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. For most people three drops is enough for the entire face and neck. I prefer to pat oils on with my fingertips rather than rubbing them in. You can use oils in conjunction with your serums. If your serum is a lighter weight than your oil apply it first. If your serum is heavier than your oil, apply it afterward. If you have a moisturizer you love but in the winter months it just does not seem enough, you can pat a facial oil over your moisturizer. The oil will help lock-in the moisture and help it penetrate your skin. Cleansing oils help to wash away excess sebum, dirt and bacteria without stripping moisture or disrupting the acid mantle. To use a cleansing oil apply it to your dry face with dry hands and gently massage into the skin. Slowly add water to the hands and rub creating an emulsion, further massaging the mixture onto your face. Followed by rinsing. This method works because the skincare oil forms a bond with the oil within your pore, helping to draw it out. If you have dehydrated or very dry skin, facial oils can be used to prime the skin. Oil rehydrates the tissue creating a plumping affect, which makes fine lines and wrinkles less visible while also creating that sought after dewy glow. Skincare oils can be used to treat the scalp and as a hair mask. Whether you leave the oil on your hair for 15 minutes or wrap your locks up and sleep with oil on as an overnight treatment, the benefits are immediately noticeable. Afterwards just shampoo and condition as usual. Skincare oils are perfect for travel as they are fantastic multitaskers! An overflowing toiletries bag is a thing of the past, when you need to pack such fewer products! Skincare oils work to- remove eye makeup, soften cuticles, heal cracked knuckles, soften and moisturize the lips, heal and protect scars, hydrate flaky elbows, knees and heels, tame flyaways, hydrate limp locks and prevent split ends!
askderm's in-house Esthetician
Blog Written by askderm's in-house Esthetician  Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 9 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers.

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