Beauty Etiquette: How to Tip at the Salon

One of the most confusing aspects of going to a salon is figuring out what you should tip your hair stylist. Every time I go, I find myself looking around to see what others are tipping to make sure I’m tipping enough. I’ve even gone as far as to ask my friends what they thought and I received so many different answers. Ranging from 10-30 percent, I still had no clue what the appropriate amount was. So I decided to ask our in-house salon experts, Carolyn and Ashley. Make your next trip to the salon a breeze with these 7 tips on how to tip at the salon. Tip #1: How to tip depending on the service Both Carolyn and Ashley agree that their tips generally range from 15-25 percent. For a normal haircut, 20 percent is roughly the standard tip. But that doesn’t mean you can’t tip more if the service is good and vice-versa. For color and other more time consuming styles, a tip from 20-25 percent would be very much appreciated considering the time the stylist spent. Tip #2: Think of a salon as a restaurant As most of us know, servers at restaurants rely on tips to get by. What most of us don’t know is that stylists work the same way. They rely on tips as a big part of their income. So, if you like what your stylist has done, don’t be afraid to show them. They will really appreciate your gesture and most likely remember you the next time you come back. Tip #3: Try to tip in cash This is one of the facts that surprised me the most. Even though I normally tip in cash, I didn’t know it was actually better for the stylist. When you put your tip on a credit card the stylist only receives part of your tip because taxes are taken out. So if you want your stylist to receive the full amount of your tip, try and remember to bring some cash with you. Again, your stylist will appreciate you putting the effort in to tip them for their service. how to tip at the salon - hair salon Tip #4: Don’t forget about the shampoo person Most people assume that their hair stylist splits their tip with the shampoo person. But, in most instances, this is not the case. For most salons, stylists aren’t required to tip their shampoo person. That being said, throwing a few bucks their way would really help them out. Tip #5: What to do on holidays Even though stylists do not expect to get gifts or cards during the holiday, giving them some recognition for the hard work they did can really go a long way. If you don’t have any extra money to spend on a gift for them, no worries, a hand written note will do just fine. It really makes their day to know how you feel about their work. Whether you get a gift or a card, make sure to sign your name so they know it’s from you and remember the next time you come back. Tip #6: Refer your stylist to others One of the best tips a client can give their stylist is a new customer. If you know someone who is looking for a great hair stylist, give him or her the name of yours. Your friend will be satisfied with the service they get and your stylist will thank you too. It’s a win-win! Tip #7: Do what makes you comfortable Remember, you are the one getting the service and your happiness matters. If you feel dissatisfied with your service, say something. Talking to your stylist and maintaining a relationship with them is key to having the best experience possible. So, when tipping, make sure you feel as though the tip corresponds to the work that was done. If your happy with your look, leave a nice tip to show them what you think.

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