Beauty Shortcuts

Whether you are a young professional or a busy mom, this does not mean you cannot find time or shortcuts when it comes to a beauty regiment. So what if you do not have an entire day to commit to the spa! Here are a few tips and tricks for even the busiest of people.

Choose multi-tasker products! Use a moisturizer with an SPF, a primer with anti-oxidants, argan oil for cuticles and hair flyaways, or a product that can be used as a cream blush and a lip color.

Don’t have time or are you to tired at the end of the day to be using a mask twice a week? Multi-task and apply a mask towards the beginning of your shower, leave it on while you go through your normal shower routine and rinse it off at the end.

Think you do not have time to put on a full face of makeup everyday? Everyone can find ten minutes to apply mascara. Sick of people saying you look tired? Curl your eyelashes, this instantly makes you look more awake, pair this with a good coat of mascara and a nude liner on your bottom waterline and you will have everyone fooled that you got your full eight hours of sleep.

Skip washing your hair everyday. Washing your hair everyday is not recommended as it strips away natural oils. Only wash your hair every other, to every three days. This will cut down on the time it takes for you to get ready in the morning, because you wont be spending so much time blow drying and styling. If you have oily roots use a dry shampoo. If your bangs easily become greasy, tuck your hair into a shower cap but leave your fringe out while you shower and wash your face.

Skip styling your hair by going to bed with it wet and in a loose bun on the top of your head. In the morning let your hair down and part for a gorgeous tousled look.

When getting a manicure opt for gel. The polish is cured using a light and there is no waiting around for it to dry or smudging your polish while digging for your keys in your purse. Gel manicures also last about two weeks.

While some shortcuts can be made here are the steps you should never skip:

Washing your face before bed is a must to remove makeup, oil, dead skin, allergens and other toxins that can lead to skin issues. If you had a late night out or are just feeling completely exhausted, keep a package of facial cleansing wipes next to your bed.  Just do not make this a nightly habit!

Always apply sunscreen, everyday. It does not matter how busy you are, this is not something you can skip or only care about seasonally. Melanoma is one of the most prevalent cancers and it also happens to be the most preventable!

Blog Written by askderm's in house Esthetician Chantal MoniqueChantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 7 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. Her specialties include makeup application and facial treatments, her work has included upscale clientele, a private investigator undercover and independent film work. Chantal also has a background in the Fine Arts. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers as well as the must have ingredients and trending looks. With an ever growing portfolio and clientele askderm is excited to be teamed up with Chantal for future blogs, informational videos and skin care tips! 

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