Best Spring Skincare - Skincare Tips for Spring

Get healthy, radiant skin this spring! Follow these tips to freshen up your skincare routine.
spring skincare tip get rid of old product
1. Toss Old Skincare and Makeup Products: Toss anything that's no longer working for you, isn't a fit for your skin, or is older than 2 years. Sanitize your makeup palettes and toss that grimy cosmetic bag. Replace your mascara every three months to avoid harmful bacteria. Pencils and pressed powders have a significantly longer life span than liquid and cream products and can last two years plus. Loose mineral powders are inert and cannot harbor or grow bacteria but if you are applying them with a germ-ridden brush, you are not doing your skin any favors. If the consistency, color or odor changes with any of your products, then it is time to toss and replace.
spring skincare tip wash your brushes
2. Wash Your Brushes: Makeup brushes and applicators are breeding grounds for oil and bacteria.If you are not regularly washing your makeup brushes, now is the time to give them a good shampoo. Its important to wash your brushes to prevent future breakouts.
spring skincare tip lighten up routine
3. Lighten Up: Lighten up your winter skincare regimen by swapping out heavy foundations and moisturizer for light-weight creams and water-based moisturizers. If you were using a hair mask weekly during the cold season, you may need to skip a week if you notice your hair is becoming greasy faster.
spring skincare tip wear sunscreen
4. Wear Sunscreen: As the weather warms and we ditch our gloves and heavy sweaters, more skin is revealed and being exposed to harmful UV rays. Do not forget about parts that are regularly exposed but rarely protected, like the hands while driving. Check your sunscreen dates! Unopened they usually last a few years. Opened SPF needs to be replaced annually. Sunscreen formulas can easily become unstable due to temperature changes or from sitting so long that the formula starts to separate. This also means the sun protection ingredients may be unevenly distributed within the lotion and will not give you an even coverage of protection from the sun. Don't wait for the temperatures to warm up, wear sunscreen year-round to reduce premature skin aging. Make sure you apply generously and don't forget your neck. What are some of your skincare tips for spring?      

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