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Blinc products are unlike any other products I have tried in the realm of eye makeup. What Blinc has been able to do with these products is truly innovative, wonderful, and so much fun! From the product packaging to formulas used and the ease of application these Blinc products are beautiful and are a must have for anyone looking for quality mascaras and eyeliners that deliver ten fold, what is expected of the products. First things first, both the Blinc Mascara & the Blinc Eyeliner came in a sleek aluminum tube with a twist off cap and had an insert telling you a little about the product and how to use it. The packaging is beautiful and thoughtfully made. Much like first impressions with people, you can tell a lot about a makeup brand by how they package their products and Blinc did a great job. The aluminum tubes that they came in not only provide the internal product some extra protection but if you are anything like me, and you carry your makeup in your purse or travel bag, the aluminum tube also prevents any unfortunate messes that could occur. The beautiful colors of the tubes make them very easy to find in your purse or on your makeup counter.
blinc before and after
The mascara from Blinc is amazing. I was really nervous because I have VERY sensitive eyes and I hate when I am using a mascara and can feel little flakes coming off or feel them irritating my eyes as the day goes on. This was not the case at all with the Blinc mascara, so for those of you with sensitive eyes or similar concerns, this mascara was wonderful and I would recommend it for that reason alone. Thankfully I don’t have just one reason to recommend it because it was wonderful for so many reasons! What makes this mascara unique is that the mascara itself forms “tubes” around your eye lashes. After reading that, I admit that I was a bit skeptical (okay, very skeptical). I also typically hate fiber mascaras since the fibers always fall into my eyes or the formula burns. The Blinc tubes really do work though and, the effect they have on the lashes is GORGEOUS! Traditional mascaras, like the ones that we have become accustomed to, have a brush that coats your lashes. This Blinc mascara  forms tubes around the lashes that are water resistant. You can touch them (once they dry), rub your eyes, sleep (I did just to see if it was true), and go outside in the heat of the summer or humidity and not have to worry about raccoon eyes. It was truly amazing. The mascara does come in several other colors, I prefer black, but there is a color for every preference. I especially loved it because the product claims that the tubes won’t come off until you are ready. I love when a brand advertises and delivers on what they say their product can do.  I’m more inclined to try other products within their lines based on the trust that they’ve instilled. Below is a close up of the mascara brush so you can see what it looks like.
 blinc mascara
The look the mascara has on the lashes as I mentioned is gorgeous. I have white blonde eyelashes and if I don’t wear mascara, my eyes look bald. I need a mascara that is going to not only accentuate the length my lashes do have, but also provide lots of length to give them that flirty feminine look that we all envy. The mascara coats the lashes with the tubes, separates them perfectly, makes them look totally black, and the tubes make them look so long and beautiful. I included a before and after so you could see the effect.  I was just overall really pleased with how my lashes looked with this mascara, and I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it. It’s going to be one of my favorites for a long time. Just look at the difference! Now lets talk about the Blinc eyeliner pen which I also love! There isn’t too much different about this liner upfront that will shock you, it looks pretty normal. However, the formulation is different which makes it go on really easily and smoothly with no clumps or giant blobs that alway ruins the look of a nice line. This pen, which I’ll post in a picture below, has such a precise tip. I literally opened it and said “wow” because I couldn’t believe how exact the line was and how finely tipped the pen was. Also, the fibers in the pen tip are very smooth and flexible and PERFECT for applying this formula eyeliner. I love this so much! I have been using it nonstop, and it works perfectly to transition looks from night to day because of its precision. You can add a wing or even go behind the eyelashes to add a bolder line. Not kidding, this was in my purse all weekend. This eyeliner, like it's mascara friend, won’t budge. I slept with it on and woke up with a perfect line, I couldn’t believe how smudge proof and wearable it is. Below is a close up of the eyeliner pen so you can see just how fine and precises the tip of this pen is.
 blinc eyeliner review
To recap, this mascara and eyeliner combo is super long wearing, easy to apply, very precise, and very beautiful. But what totally, completely sold me even more, and I have to mention is, it’s SO FUN TO TAKE OFF! I know that sounds really weird to say but, every time I put it on I think, “this is going to be so fun to take off!” because it comes off so nicely and easily. All you need is water. With a tiny bit of rubbing and warm water, the mascara tubes and the eyeliner just wipe off, slide off, or fall off. I don’t really know how to put it, but they just simply come off. It’s so easy, so clean, so fast and fun. There is no black cloudy mess at all which means you can wear as much of it as you want and not worry about messy clean up. It’s as if Blinc understands me and what I want in my mascara and eyeliner. I have no words to tell you how happy this made me and how much I loved wearing and even taking off these products. I have told literally everyone I know that wears mascara, and now I’m telling you because it’s A-MAZ-ING! The link below leads to a full list of their products on, and I highly recommend you check them out. I can’t imagine anyone regretting it... they are so good!  
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