Clark's Botanicals Marine Cream Review

I don’t know where I have been or what I have been doing to miss out on this little jar of amazing for so long, but I wish I was paying more attention when Clark’s Botanicals decided to make their Smoothing Marine Cream because my skincare routine could’ve been million times better a long time ago if I had. Now if you are like me and you didn’t know about this product, it is time to educate yourself, and this blog will be your guide. Although it’s pretty simple, get this wonderful product in your life, ASAP! Clark’s Botanicals has one of the coolest stories behind its creation. The man behind Clark’s Botanicals was severely injured in an accident that left him unable to walk and he couldn’t even sweat (which is important for skin health). Since he couldn’t easily take care of his skin, it started to clog and break out. Instead of accepting it and giving up on having healthy skin and feeling good about the way his skin looked, he consulted his father and together they made Clark’s Botanicals. clarks marine cream review bottle The ingredient that sets this line apart, Jasmine Absolute Oil, can be found in every Clark's Botanicals products. Jasmine Absolute oil is extracted from the jasmine flower. It is great for skin because it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. All Clark's products are focused on balancing out whatever is going on with the skin, and making it better with the best ingredients.  This product soothes the skin all day as well as at night. I apply it during the morning and also at night. This product canceled out any redness from hormones, stress, and acne and left behind the beautiful color of my skin. Now aside from soothing, it also gently and effectively exfoliates and smooths the skin. I know, it sounds weird saying it soothes and exfoliates, but it does and it leaves behind the most baby soft skin and even reduces the appearance of fine lines with its mixture of glycolic acid, algae, and yeast. This formula is so gentle you can use it on your entire face without worrying about any adverse side effects including the delicate eye area. This cream glides smoothly and softly over the skin when you apply it, it soaks right in and doesn’t leave behind any sticky feeling or oily feeling. I have never had foundation glide onto unprimed skin so beautifully and last so long when applying it on top of the Marine Cream. I love the smell of this product, it smells like a botanical garden. The scent is light and pleasant. It is just a great product all around, top to bottom. Seriously, I feel bad for my pre- Smoothing Marine Cream  - skin because it was missing out BIG time. This product does everything it says it will and leaves amazing, beautiful results for you to enjoy. Treat yourself and your skin to a great product with ingredients that are good for you that provides results that will keep you coming back for more!  
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