"Combating Cosmetic Fatigue" by Dr. Annette Tobia, CEO & President of MEG 21

Many women these days suffer from cosmetic fatigue: so many products, so many promises, and so much fuss and feathers following complex “protocols” to apply them. Let’s not even mention the break-the-bank investment. The skin-care market has become a bottomless money pit which soaks up money faster than you can say, “voila, beautiful, healthy skin.” We thought about all this 10 years ago as we worked at the renowned Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia with a team of scientists searching for a treatment for the accelerated aging diseases associated with diabetes. To our scientific surprise, we developed Supplamine™, which in seven clinical trials has been proven to reduce the visible signs of skin aging in 14 days. Shortly, thereafter we launched the MEG 21 with Supplamine product line.
MEG 21 targets prevention and correction of Glycation, a natural and unavoidable process which occurs in everyone, and refers to the attachment of simple sugars to protein. This starts a chain of events ending in the formation of Advanced Glycation End products, or AGE’s – aptly named! AGE’s eventually interfere with normal function of proteins. This process can occur in most proteins but is especially noticeable in those not replaced often such as collagen and elastin. AGE’s can lead to decreased elasticity, increased signs of aging, and increased inflammation. Prevention of AGE’s by targeting glycation will prevent these alterations to the skin. The women on the scientific team, like women today, are busy people, with careers to build, children to tend to, domestic chores to run and, oh yes, an occasional fun party to attend.   I guess the women on the scientific team were determined to develop a product which was not only effective and enhanced skin health but was easy and quick to use.  So we developed a formula which reduces glycation, oxidative stress, and inflammation, while increasing moisturization and smoothing skin to give it a youthful wow! We wanted MEG 21 to be the do-it-all, do-it-well product line. So, unless you have unlimited patience, time and money, check out MEG 21 products.  You’ll avoid cosmetic fatigue and look younger faster.
Annette M. Tobia, Ph. D.
Founder, CEO and President
Dynamis Skin Science

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