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Must it be so difficult to find a product that works with your skin’s changes?! How is it I can have beautiful, glowing skin one day and next it’s dry and dull?! It’s a frustrating part of my life that I was left with after a surgery seven years ago which gave me a terrible hormonal imbalance. I have wasted so much money (makes me cringe just thinking about some of the ridiculous products I’ve purchased!...no, you will not actually look as if you’ve had a face lift from one use of their “guaranteed’ face lifting product…trust me (sigh!)). I have baskets full of half empty facial products that I rarely ever use because they only seem to work on my skin some days and not others. Some may work when I’m having dry skin, but when I’m having an oily skin day it just makes my skin much worse while the others may work on the oily skin but creates a very drying effect. It usually isn’t a win/win for me with facial products, which is why when I find great ones I just want to shout it to the world and share the amazing products with all of you!

An All In One System that works for every one

I’m an adult, I make many decisions every day of my life and I much rather not have to waste time going through all of my facial products to find which ones will work with me that specific day…I just don’t want to! I found this Clinically Proven Anti-Aging System from DCL which seemed like it was worth a try since all of the products for your daily routine were packaged together so no extra decisions necessary. I did my research as usual before purchasing the system and the reviews on many sites were awesome! Many noticed their skin felt and looked hydrated and smooth after the first application, others noticed much brighter skin within the first fourteen days. . People with different skin types and various stages of life all seemed to show signs of improvement. I decided I couldn’t wait to give it a try and it was worth the investment since it comes with five full size products and most importantly it will keep my skin looking young and healthy. Anti-Aging kits and products aren’t just for mature skin despite the misconceptions, even in your early twenties you should be taking preventive measures so your skin is healthy and protected while you age gracefully (and hopefully still get carded at thirty five! Fingers crossed!!).  

 DCL Anti-Aging System Kit


Five clinically proven products that work wonders on your skin

When following a specific skin care regimen clinical studies have shown overall improvement of aging effects, pigmentation, clarity/dullness, texture, sun damage, dryness as well as fine lines/wrinkles. It is a simple and effortless routine to follow and it starts with the first product which is a gentle exfoliating Balancing Cleanser which is used in the A.M and the P.M. This cleanser is very light on the skin and gently exfoliates without leaving your skin irritated or dry. Next is the Eye Refining Matrix which is a multi-benefit eye gel for A.M and P.M use. The eye gel is very smooth and easy to gently massage with your ring fingers on the sides and under your eyes (I also always apply under the brow as well since that tends to lose elasticity with age). Third, there are two different products you will use, one for the A.M and the other for P.M. During the A.M you should apply the Skin Renewal Complex SPF 20 which is a nice moisturizing formula that gives broad spectrum protection with 10% AHA and green tea. But for P.M after you completed the first two steps you will use the Vitamin Infusion which is a triple anti-oxidant complex that contains vitamins A, C and E and has an amazing airy, light weight silky texture (I can’t tell you how amazing this feels on your face and neck!). Lastly you will finish your skin care regimen with the Hydrating Serum which is a super humectant with hyaluronic acid. The Hydrating Serum should be used last during the A.M and P.M routines. The serum hydrates your skin instantly giving you a nice, healthy supple look which I felt made my skin have a nice glow to it. I was surprised just how simple this system was to use and I found myself following the routine right away.  

DCL Kit on Face


How did the DCL Anti-Aging System measure up?

I was a little unsure prior to purchasing the system since it’s not an investment of just one item but of five products but thinking about how much I’ve spent on items separately I figured it would definitely be a good investment especially after all the fab reviews. I am truly so glad that I came across the Anti-Aging System! I’ve been using the system for over two weeks now and I have already seen a difference in my skin! My skin is much more hydrated, not dry or even oily as it had been but my skin seems to stay balanced daily, looking and feeling good throughout the day even after hours of running around. I’ve noticed the skin under my eyes where I’ve lost a lot of volume and elasticity started to become smoother especially after I put on concealer which rarely ever happened (the concealers would always bunch up in those areas causing more attention to my under eyes). My skin has been much brighter and has created a beautiful glow…even my freckles don’t seem to be as prominent as they used to be. The system has very good results even just after two weeks! 90% of patients tested found great improvement after thirty days and the results after sixty days seem to be amazing so I will keep sticking to DCL’s Anti-Aging System to benefit from its wonderful results and hope by my 32nd birthday I will still continue to get carded! (one can only hope!). The Anti-Aging System is definitely worth the investment, you will absolutely love it!
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