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'Botanical Stem Cells & Anti-Aging Skincare'
Extracted from the stem cells of nature's wonder, the rare Swiss Alpine Rose, Dermelect has successfully formulated a three-tier treatment approach to address the chief beauty concerns of women worldwide - aging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. The Swiss Alpine Rose is an anomaly that grows remarkably beautiful under the most extreme and unfavorable conditions: high altitude, extreme dryness, bitter cold and an intense sun/UV index. While roses are known to oxidize quickly, the Alpine Rose not only survives but flourishes under these conditions, with a reported extended life span of up to 100 years. Scientists acknowledge that the key to its longevity lays in its amazingly resilient stem cells.
Stem cells in plants function similar to that of the human epidermal stem cell - to maintain and repair tissue. With age and external aggressors, adult human skin stem cells decrease their number and their ability to produce tissue becomes limited. Because our skin stem cells control the formation, maintenance, renewal and repair of the entire skin, Dermelect's new treatments combine the functionality of the rose stem cells to enhance the epidermal stem cells. The rose stem cells increase the skin's resiliency and help to boost epidermal regeneration. 
Resurface Stem Cell Reconstructing Serum absorbs evenly and beautifully to protect precious skin stem cells by neutralizing the environmental free radicals and stressors that threaten it. By preserving the stem cells, the potential to yield increased healthy skin cells will only yield youthful-acting, glowing, smoother skin. Also formulated with EcoSkin, a stimulator of skins natural defense mechanisms and Vitamin C antioxidant to complement the skins natural healing ability.
Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment an indulgently rich cream that provides a luxurious barrier to the damaging factors that work to break down the stem cell production - environmental free radicals and natural aging. By allowing the stem cells to increase their potency and promote cell regeneration, tissue is reconstructed to a denser quality and more elastic skin. Results in skin looking rested, feeling soft, supple and wrapped in a veil of comfort. Resurgent Stem Cell Firming Activator a duo function, complexion transforming formula acts as a finishing application to promote stem cell protection promoting a resurgence of youthful looking skin tissue while further preventing free radical damage. Combined with Algisium C skin reinforcement, it will synergistically activate the skin to a visibly resurfaced texture and radiant, glowing even skin tone. Any existing facial product will be transformed into a much more effective treatment with the addition of this activator. "The development of cell lines that may produce almost every tissue of the human body is an unprecedented scientific breakthrough. It is not too unrealistic to say that this research has the potential to revolutionize the practice of medicine, and improve the quality of life." Harold Varmus, Nobel Prize winner and former director, National Institutes of Health
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Written by: Danielle Jones | Marketing Coordinator | askderm
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