DS Laboratories Revita Styling Gel Review

I like to think of myself as being a free spirited type of girl who has always loved the boho look (even before it became such a popular trend that not only have you probably seen your best friend looking towards for fashion inspiration but also celebrities, your barista and heck even your mother!). There is something about that wild child look I find not only beautiful but I find it always lives on throughout the years. It’s an easy, effortless and sexy look that I go to majority of the time and not having to worry about running late or having to straighten my naturally thin, wavy hair. This is a look anyone can do but just like having the right fashion pieces to achieve the look, you need the right beauty products to finish the look…especially when it comes to your hair. The DS Laboratories Revita Styling Gel is a great product to get those boho waves. Revita Styling Gel Isn’t Your Typical Styling Gel… I have tried so many different products to not only hold my waves nicely but to also give my limp, thin hair volume and body. I’m not talking about a ‘Jersey Shore’ type of volume, but at least some nice lift to my hair (can’t I just wake up with a stylist on hand, please!?). There were styling gel products that had the beachy salt effect that left my hair very dry, there were also ones that left my hair very ‘crispy’ and hard and then there were those that were so heavy that it didn’t hold my waves and all! I wanted to be able to run my fingers through my hair or heck, have my husband touch my hair without it being sticky to touch.
DS Labs Styling Gel Review
That’s why I really loved DS Laboratories Revita Styling Gel as soon as my order arrived…that’s right, I fell in love just opening the shipping box it came in. Why you may ask? Well, first off the smell is absolutely amazing! The lovely floral fragrance you could smell through the bottle and that wonderful scent lasted in my hair for hours! It wasn’t a strong scent but a nice subtle scent that received many compliments especially after hugging my girlfriends (they loved the scent and product so much, that several of my best friends purchased their own!...what would you girls do without me?!) . I could put Revita Styling Gel on wet, damp or dry hair and be very happy with the results. The styling gel hugged my waves with a smooth and silky effect. I could run my fingers through my hair without getting tangled or knotted and my hair still felt soft throughout the day. Because the texture of Revita Styling Gel is so silky and smooth, a little really goes a long way and you really don’t need much to work through your hair. My thin, long hair did very well with nickel sized amount and it still gave my hair a nice lift and beautiful boho waves. To get the best waves for my hair, I applied a little more than a nickel size amount onto my damp hair and ran my fingers through making sure I covered all strands as well as detangling any knots then I scrunch my waves and wait for them to air dry. It takes me less than ten minutes to do my boho waves and I love the free time that I save up not having to waste forty minutes straightening my hair and I can actually have time to catch up on emails or better yet read a book (yeah, that last part won’t happen but it’s nice to dream!)
Once You Try It You’ll Be Hooked… Revita Styling Gel is a botanically rich volumizing gel that not only increases the volume of your hair but holds hair leaving it shiny and with body. It’s touchable, long lasting effect will make this one of your favorite hair products to use on a daily basis.   The quality of the Revita Styling Gel is well worth the purchase as it is optimal for hair and scalp health and is a great product with wonderful results. This styling gel will do wonders on your hair leaving it beautiful and smelling absolutely amazing! I became hooked from first sight, and hopefully you will too! DS Laboratories has launched an entirely NEW styling line, stay tuned for future DS Laboratories Revita Reviews.  
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