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EltaMD PM  Therapy Facial Moisturizer has been an amazing addition to my skincare routine and has completely changed my skin, for the better! This face lotion is fantastic, I have never used a nighttime face cream that has changed my skin so drastically, and it seemed to change overnight! No, that is not a pun; the next day after using this face lotion my skin was so smooth and hydrated without feeling oily. Within the week the oil production in my face balanced out and cleared up. Besides just seeing a positive change in the oil production of my skin, my skin also appeared brighter and more even toned. I wish taken before and after pictures because the effects are crazy. My skin also seemed to be more plump and the elasticity was noticeably improved. The elltaMD PM Therapy uses ceramindes to strengthen the barrier of the skin to help lock moisture in, simultaneously the B3 vitamins and antioxidants in this formula even skin tone, and finally the rice protein peptides speed up cell growth and collagen production which is why skin elasticity improves with use of this product. EltaMD also has an AM Therapy face lotion, that does all the same wonderful things, but in a formula that is better suited for the day time. I definitely recommend getting both and using them together because they are specially formulated from the same line to work together, the results will be nothing short of amazing! The entire eltaMD Skincare Line can be found here. It is skin’s new best friend in a convenient bottle that combines all the best of skin care, anti-aging, free radical fighting, collagen boosting and moisturizing; I would recommend anyone who wants to see positive changes in their skin to try this product. Want to try both the eltaMD PM Therapy and the eltaMD AM Therapy? Enter to win the complete set using the Raffelcopter Giveaway below. a Rafflecopter giveaway
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