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It’s that time of year where we write our Christmas lists, try to find the best deals on gifts to give our family and friends and hopefully not have to return any hideous sweaters your Grandmother picked out for you.   When it comes to shopping for the holidays, I like to avoid the huge lines and the holiday madness at all cost (I’m not about throwing elbows to get 20% off an item!) and I much rather finish all of my shopping online in the comfort of my home, sipping on my coffee. Because I work with skin and appearances, I really enjoy giving gifts of products that I love and majority of the time they are set out nicely in a cute little gift basket with other products that I know they will enjoy.  I also always make sure I personalize it to their individual likes and needs…my close friends who are tired moms get fun products to help them relax and re-energize while my make-up loving friends get the newest gadgets and colors. Here I’ve included some of the great products that will be included in some gift baskets this year!

You’re Never Too Old For Fun Gadgets…

IPKN Artist Wave Applicator
I can’t resist trying out new skincare and beauty gadgets!  I love to include a cool new product especially as the ‘main’ gift and include less expensive fillers that incorporate with that specific product.  Some of my favorite gadgets I’ve included this season are IPKN Artist Wave Auto Makeup Applicator (for a more flawless beauty routine), FOREA Luna vibrating cleansing brush (for a clean, refreshed face) and PMD Personal Microderm System (for microderm results at home) to name a few.

Give The Gift Of Protected, Healthy, Glowing Skin…

This is a great product that can keep skin protected and looking healthy and I am always talking about it to clients, friends, family and in my blogs…a good SPF!  Giving the gift of a good SPF will guarantee that the product will be used often (and should be used in every season don’t forget!), one that is protecting their skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and you’re giving the gift of preventing skin damage from the sun’s rays and helping slow down the aging process for healthy, protected, beautiful skin.  When giving SPF as a gift I like to add an SPF with a tint so they will also get a nice, instant glow without the sun damage (a total 2 for 1 gift!).

A Super Cute, Makeup Necessity…

Love Light Lips
There have been many products that I have purchased and even loved with the most basic of packaging but when it comes to creating gift baskets for holidays or any occasion at that, I like to choose great products with either super cute packaging or what I like to call ‘curb appeal’.  One product I think is such a clever, very cute and extremely convenient in every girl’s handbag…LOVE LIGHT LIPS. These lip glosses come with names like Grace, Peace, Bliss and Joy but they aren’t like your typical, every day lip gloss…these have a patented LED light in the wand and a mirror on the bottle for those touchups in not the best lit places.

The Gift Of Relaxation…

No, you don’t have to spend lots of money purchasing spa treatments to help give a person the gift of relaxation…try a wonderful aromatherapy candle instead.  There are many different scents that help calm the nerves helping eliminate stress including Lavender and other floral scents, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and my favorite Eucalyptus Peppermint.  Anxiety and stress is not only terrible for you but it also causes wrinkles and ages you much sooner. So go ahead, find your favorite scent and help them relax.

Help Them Feel Good And Look Good…

eye gels
I know the feeling of waking up exhausted and having to not only take care of everyone else but having to remember to take some time for me.  Because of the industry I’m in I rather not look absolutely run down and tired on my ‘rough’ days so I like to use products that not only make me feel good using them but ones that also help me with a more bright and awaken appearance.  A great product I love that I can’t wait for everyone to try is Patchology Flashpatch Eye Gels! These give you a wonderful cooling, refreshed feel under your eyes once applied, and when you remove them you are left with a wonderfully bright and smooth appearance.  This definitely helps dark under eye circles and puffiness.  Your family and friends will love them!

Lastly, You Can Never Go Wrong With A Gift Card…

You know that wonderful feeling you get to pick out your favorite products that you know you’ll absolutely love because no one knows you better than you do…well give the gift of options.  I almost always include a little gift card in the baskets to finalize the gift for my close family and friends but for those I may not be that close to but still want to show my appreciation, I give a simple gift card which will allow them to spend it as desired and won’t cost me much.  You can never go wrong with a gift card, always remember that! Great for any last minute (or those you may have forgotten!) gifts. Hopefully you’re just as excited as I am to not only finish your holiday shopping but also seeing the reactions of those you care about opening their gifts. Hopefully I helped give you some ideas to make your holiday shopping go much smoother and become a little easier. Regardless of how much or how little you spend, it’s the thought that counts and most importantly the holidays are for spending this time with your loved ones and being thankful for all you have.  
askderm's guest esthetician
Blog Written by askderm's Guest Esthetician 

Stephanie Ivonne is a New Jersey licensed Esthetician.  Her fun-loving, outgoing personality will shine through her product selections & reviews to help you discover the hottest skincare and beauty products.

When Stephanie is not scouring the internet for the next hot skincare product, she is a mother to two wonderful biological children, a dedicated foster mom and is devoted to her husband of 13 years.

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