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From the brand that brought you silicone sonic skincare cleansing, FOREO is now venturing into the market of oral care with the launch of ISSA. ISSA is revolutionizing the electric toothbrush that has seemingly remained unchanged since its initial release during the 1960s. ISSA’s sonic pulse technology creates 11,000 high-intensity pulsations per minute for effective cleaning, while its silicone bristles are gentle enough for the most sensitive mouths. The Silicone Difference Unlike conventional manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes, the ISSA brush head is completely comprised of silicone. Silicone is non-porous, meaning it is not a hospitable atmosphere for bacteria to grow and thrive. An ISSA toothbrush will host 10,000 times less bacteria than a regular toothbrush. The ISSA is both hygienic and hypoallergenic. The silicone bristles are extremely gentle, making this brush perfect for anyone who deals with gum sensitivity, brushing too roughly or has a receding gum line. foreo issa review does it clean Other Features and Benefits
  • ISSA’s ergonomically designed brush is waterproof and can be easily used in the shower.
  • It takes only an hour for the ISSA to fully charge, unlike most electric toothbrushes. A fully charged ISSA will provide 365 uses, meaning you only have to charge it once every six months.
  • Because the charge lasts for such an extended time and the brush is extremely hygienic, the ISSA is perfect for travel.
  • The brush heads between the ISSA and the ISSA mini are interchangeable, so if you prefer a smaller brush head, that option is available to you.
  • The brush head only needs to be replaced once a year.
  • ISSA helps you maintain a proper brushing routine by alerting you of when to switch to a new quadrant of your mouth.
foreo issa review sonic toothbrush My Review My initial reason for being excited to try the ISSA definitely had to do with the fact that it is far more hygienic than a conventional toothbrush. Over the last several months, either myself, or my boyfriend have been sick and considering our toothbrushes are communal, I have been tossing out toothbrushes left and right. Cutting down on waste is extremely important to me and considering the ISSA is not a welcoming surface for bacteria to thrive, I am all about that! Also I travel quite frequently and when you are traveling, you are continuously packing away your toothbrush, which prevents it from airing out. Have you ever smelled your in-travel toothbrush?.....Don’t lie, you know you have and its gross! The ISSA caters to my germaphobic tendencies for sure. Secondly, I was impressed by how gentle the ISSA is. The day before I first used my ISSA, I ate a bowl of cereal, which completely cut up the roof of my mouth and had inflamed my lower gum line. When I brushed my teeth with my manual toothbrush, after that cereal oral assault, I experienced sensitivity and gum pain. The next time I brushed my teeth after that, and while my gum line was still inflamed, I used the ISSA. I experienced no pain what so ever! Overall I am impressed with the ISSA. I believe it is just as effective as a normal toothbrush, all while being far more hygienic. It will remain as part of my oral care routine. Try out the all-new FOREO Issa today.  
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