Foreo Luna

The Foreo Luna is changing the view of skin cleansing devices. It is more effective than hand cleansing alone because it delivers 8,000 pulses per minute. The sonic technology improves circulation and cellular turnover. The full sized versions have the added feature of an anti-aging low frequency mode. This delivers transdermal frequencies to stimulate collagen and elastin and helps relax the muscles that hold tension from repeated facial expressions.   The device itself is lightweight and only needs to be charged about twice a year. Because the Luna is made with non-porous silicone and cannot harbor bacteria, the Luna is hygienic and can be easily approved of and recommended by Estheticians.
 It is gentle enough to use twice a day. My routine and recommendation for using the Luna has its applications in both my morning cleanse, bedtime cleanse and afterward in my nighttime treatment routine. Morning and night I use the Luna with a foaming cleanser. If you have very sensitive skin, I recommend using a cream cleanser. I concentrate on areas that need more exfoliation, like my nose and chin. When washing my neck and décolleté, I use the rippled wave, anti-aging side because there is less tugging on that delicate tissue.
One cleanse is enough but if it is a day you are feeling like you need the benefits of a second cleanse, feel free but if your skin is more sensitive, use that same anti- aging side used for the neck. After cleansing, the Luna’s anti-aging mode is great for penetrating serum and treatment products. This device is not just for your face. My biggest area of concern when it comes to sun damage is my hands. They receive the most exposure, whether it is driving to the askderm office, or going to and from locations and clientele. So I use my Luna on the anti-aging mode to help penetrate high antioxidant oil into the backs of each hand to help fight free radical damage at night. If you are looking to streamline your skin care routine, the Foreo Luna may be a good option.  The device cleanses, exfoliates and addresses aging. Its’ cleanse is very effective. Many people find that they are too sensitized to the grit in facial scrubs. The Luna may help you limit yourself to one cleanser product rather than two as it does the exfoliating for you. When you have a deep and purifying cleanse then all your other products are more readily adsorbed into the skin and work better. So an initial investment may just save you money on treatments and products down the road.
LUNA mini - $139
LUNA - $199

Blog Written by askderm's in house Esthetician Chantal Monique Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 7 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. Her specialties include makeup application and facial treatments, which were featured on ABC's Wife Swap. Chantal also has a background in the Fine Arts. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers as well as the must have ingredients and trending looks. With an ever growing portfolio and clientele askderm is excited to be teamed up with Chantal for future blogs, informational videos and skin care tips!

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