Get the Glytone Glow Today!

Everyone wants it. That radiant glow.

Well, the good news is it really isn’t that hard to achieve!  Glytone has a wide variety of products that are extremely easy to coordinate to your skin type. Anyone from Sensitive to Oily/Acne prone can use the line and find products to give them their own natural glow of healthy skin.

Why Glytone you ask?

Well it’s pretty easy. They are a physician grade product line that uses Free Acid Value Glycolic Acid. This means: there are no “buffers” to help your skin tolerate a higher percentage. It has a “bioavailable value of glycolic acid, and delivers more glycolic acid to the skin to achieve a higher efficacy.” - Directly from Glytone

What does this really mean? It means that you are getting a more potent and effective glycolic acid at a lower percentage that isn’t combined with other filler ingredients to make your skin tolerate it better. If you are used to a 30% from, lets say MD Forte Cream III, it is not the same as the free acid value of 20% that the Glytone Rejuvenate Facial Cream 3 contains. This is a great example of the fact that higher is not always better when it comes to your skin!

Now that you know WHY you should use Glytone, lets get you started on WHAT to use.

Hands down, our #1 Seller overall is the Mild Gel Wash! Our customers just cannot get enough of this cleanser! Why? Well, it’s really great for EVERYONE and has 4.7% glycolic acid  - and BEST part is – it is only $30 for 6.7 oz (approximately a 3 month supply). Not only is this a cleanser, but it also helps exfoliate your skin so it truly does prep your skin perfectly for all your skin care products after you step out of the shower.

Now the POWERHOUSE antioxidant serum that is crucial for not only anti-aging skincare, but for healthy skin! The Prevent Anti-Aging Serum, in our opinion, is actually BETTER than SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic. Did we forget to mention it is also less expensive? Well, surprisingly it is ($120 vs $153)! This white creamy serum will not oxidize on you and spoil. It is stable AND time released! So, you end up with better longer protection. It is a powerhouse based on the amount of active ingredients packed in there! Quick List: Vitamins C & E, Red Tea Flavonoids & Glycolic Acid. This product will not only prevent future damage, it will also help treat existing fine lines and wrinkles while providing soothing repairing protection.

This next step is really dependent of your skin type. Glytone offers 2 different delivery methods based on your skin. Which is very important to keep a balanced complexion. Always start with the lowest level (1). You can build a tolerance and gradually move up the levels – but no need to just jump right in. So here is the low down on your 3rd step in your daily routine:
Normal to Dry Skin use the Rejuvenate Facial Cream (1-3)
Combination to Oily Skin use the Rejuvenate Facial Lotion (1-3)

SPF Protection is crucial ALL YEAR LONG! Many people forget this step in the cold, dreary months but it really needs to be your last step before makeup application EVERYDAY! Glytone has Screen Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 40 – it’s a lighter consistency, oil free and won’t clog your pores! It also has hyaluronic acid in it so it is a great base for makeup application.

Quick note on Acne Prone Skin:
We have 2 Kits that come with EVERYTHING you will need for a 3 month supply of treatment! How perfect & cost effective is that! So here they are -
TOP SELLER: Acne Treatment Kit – 3 piece kit for $66
Newer: Acne Treatment Kit Anti-Irritation – 3 piece kit for $87

Now on to “Night Time” treatments. Huge tip that is often ignored - Always cleanse your face before bed! 

Glytone has an AWARD WINNING Night Cream! How exciting and once you use it you will instantly understand why it won. The Antioxidant Anti-Aging Night Cream comes in a classy jar and is packed full of Peptides, Vitamin E, Red Tea Flavonoids & of course Glycolic Acid. Your skin will thank you for this gem.

The other option is for our “retinol” users. The Enhance Night Renewal contains Glytone’s Retinaldehyde and Glycolic Acid for firmer and smoother skin. This is a newer product that is already gaining a lot of buzz. Your skin will soak this up over night and when you wake up you will see a difference! 

Now for some of the fun – AND completely necessary bonus products:

Boost Mini Peel Gel: This product is like a mini peel at home! If you have an event coming up – use it just before you are going to do your make up to reveal a serious glow! Very impressive and EVERYONE should have this product! Oh yeah, and it also won a “Best of Beauty Award” by allure.

KP Kit: Top Seller. Best treatment for keratosis pliaris, the little red bumps on the backs of your arms and legs. This kit is also perfect for dry skin – or just overall renewed smoothness for your body! Everyone focuses on their face when it comes to skincare, but the rest of your body needs to be taken care of too! 

Ok. Now that your head is spinning and your shopping cart is full. Don’t freak out! Just remember. Cleanse. Treat. Hydrate. Protect! These are the basic "core steps" when it comes to ALL skin care regimens. Of course we are realistic and know not everyone can rush right to askderm and purchase a FULL skin care regimen. BUT. If you need any suggestions of which key products you should be using, don’t forget we have an expertly staffed Customer Service Team who can help you make these hard decisions easy! We strive on knowledge and we have the most amazing Glytone Advisor who helps keep us up to date on all things Glytone and Skin!

Stay beautiful.
Dani. askderm bblogger.

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