Halloween Makeup Tutorial - Pop-Art / Comic Book

Halloween is right around the corner. Here is another Halloween makeup tutorial look that is getting a lot of hits lately. It's the Pop Art/Comic Book character look. This is a great look for both guys and girls and can be done in a lot of variations, plus it is super easy. I used my Blinc Eyeliner pen and red Halloween cream makeup for this look. 
halloween pop art tutorial
Start this look by washing your face and applying your foundation as you normally would. I didn’t put on any blush or contour but that is completely optional. Then, using the Blinc eyeliner pen, fill in an thicken your eyebrows making them prominent and also outline the curve in your nostrils, your forehead, jawline and cheek contour. I also did a small mark under my lip in my natural curve and in between my eyebrows to make them look more characterized.
makeup tutorial how to pop art
I then lined down my nose sort of off center and around the tip of the nose. Remember when doing this to think of how things would look as a “drawn” feature because you are trying to look like a drawing. I added lines around my lips and in the inner corners of my eyes. I then add in some pretty intense eyeliner on my actual eye with a very over exaggerated wing.
makeup tutorial
  Lastly I added my Blinc Mascara in black with some color from any lip gloss on my lips. I then finished off the “pop-art” look with red dots of color going in diagonal lines down my face and added in dots where I felt it was needed. There are several variations of this look out there and if you aren’t a fan of the red dots you can opt for white dots, make them smaller, make them larger, one variation I did on my friend was putting dots on side cheek bone down to neck and on the other side of her face eyebrow up to hairline and I actually really like that look. We used smaller white dots and it really made her pop art look pop! If you want to make it extra glam, do the limited dot idea with white and use eyelash glue to glue clear rhinestones on top of the dots and add a bold color eyeshadow, I suggest a bright purple or a bright blue.   If you want to switch this up for a guy it is incredibly easy to do. You would still line the eyes and lips only on the eyes leave off the wing and for the lips make the line around them thinner and use a tinted lip balm (if needed) to make the lip color more prominent. When I showed my friend this look she: A. Begged me to do it for her to see it. B. thought it was actually kind of scary because it looks so real in low light and from a distance. I won’t lie, up close it doesn't look as real from all angles because you look more 3D the closer you are and less 2D; but just work the selfie angle all night and you’ll be turning heads! This look does take a bit of time because you want perfect lines and it make take a little bit of practice to adjust it to your face best but once you know what you want to do, it’s a breeze and actually easier to do on other than yourself. Sport some bright colored clothes or dress as you imagine a comic book character would and you are good to go!
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