Hitting the Beach? Here are 5 Essentials for Your Beach Bag

Are you getting ready to go to a pool party, have a beach day or go out on a boat? Whatever your destination may be, do not forget these 5 essential items to keep your skin and hair healthy, protected and beautiful.

 1. Always Bring a Good Sunscreen

When you select your sunscreen, make sure that it is broad spectrum.  In other words, it should protect against UVA and UVB rays.  Since you’ll likely be in and out of the water, it’s best if your sunscreen is also water resistant for 40-80 minutes. Putting on the right amount is important: 1/2 of a teaspoon of sunscreen will be enough to cover face and neck.  Also remember that sunscreens should be applied at least 30 minutes before sun exposure and must be re-applied at least every 2 hours.Remember that those with sensitive skin and children will also need sunscreen products especially designed for them! 
the top 5 beach bag essentials for skincare
2. Topical Antioxidants are Vital

Infrared rays are part of the sunlight, but unfortunately, they can cause skin damage through the production of free radicals. These rays are not typically filtered by sunscreens.  As a result, it’s important to use topical antioxidants to prevent and revert the damage cause by infrared rays.The use of vitamin C alone or in combination with vitamin E and other antioxidants like ferulic acid, for example, will provide better protection than sunscreens alone.  This is especially true for individuals prone to suffer from dark spots on their face.  For optimal protection, apply topical antioxidants on your face before your sunscreen.

3. Lip Balm with SPF

Lips, especially the lower lip, are constantly exposed to solar radiation. When you’re spending the day in the sun, it is very important to use a lip balm containing moisturizers (e.g. beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter) and a physical sunscreen (e.g. zinc oxide) with an SPF 30. Do not forget to constantly reapply your lip balm.  It should go on at least every 2 hours.  Are you hitting the waves?  If so, make sure your lip balm is also water resistant.
skincare essentials for women in the summer at the beach
4. Leave-in Hair Conditioner with Sunscreen
It's not just your skin that needs protection from the elements… your hair does too!  That’s why you should always wear a hat when you are spending the day in the sun.We strongly recommend applying a leave-in hair conditioner with sunscreens to prevent the damage that sunlight can cause to you hair. If you have dyed your hair, remember that ultraviolet radiation can cause hair discoloration. Apply your leave-in conditioner before sun exposure and also reapply liberally every time you enter into the water.

5. Don’t Forget the Moisturizer
You likely already know that sun exposure can cause dry skin, so be sure to have a high quality moisturizer on hand.  We recommend trying a light moisturizing mist to instantly refresh the skin. Most mists contain Aloe Vera and other moisturizing and soothing ingredients. Thermal water in spray form may also help. It’s also essential to opt for an after sun moisturizer to help combat the sun's harmful effects.

So be sure to fill your beach bag with products that will hydrate, protect and restore your skin and hair.  When you go to the beach prepared, you’ll walk away relaxed, rejuvenated and radiant.

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Mercedes Florez-White Dermatologist at askderm

Mercedes Florez White, MD
Dermatologist. Director of the Cosmetic Department at the Greater Miami Skin and Laser Center 
Miami Beach, Florida.

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