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If any of you are like me (and I know I can’t be the only one) you love gift giving but you hate trying to figure out what to get for everyone on your list. Let me introduce you to giving the gift of healthy, beautiful skin! Here are some of my top beauty picks for gifts to give this holiday season!
holiday 2015 holiday gift guide IPKN makeup device review 
  First we have to talk about the IPKN Artist Wave makeup applicator device. It is an absolute must have for every makeup lover on your list and I can bet anything my friends won’t be surprised when they find one from me under their Christmas trees this year. I cannot stop talking about it and I would never stop using it. I have fallen very much in love with this handy little item. It applies makeup beautifully no matter what type of makeup it is, all the way from primers to powder and every foundation and blush in-between. Oh, and did I mention it is down right adorable? Because it is! It is so small, it fits practically in the palm of my hand, making it perfect for all of my traveling as well, and is perfect for your globe trotting little cousin or your dignified business woman best friend. It is literally a gift that keeps on giving and it comes with batteries so it’s ready to use right out of the box.  Next up is the Clarisonic Mia 3  Sonic Skin Cleansing System. Now any Clarisonic system you get will be loved and adored by men and women a like. My personal favorite is the pink one, but they come in a variety of colors to suit everyone. Everyone I know who owns a Clarisonic is trying to get everyone who doesn’t, to get one because they love them! They clean skin six times BETTER than with hands alone. Plus they are great to really work your cleansing and exfoliating products into your skin AND they perfectly prepare your skin to really absorb and make the most out of your skincare products to follow. Everyone knows the Clarisonic brand and for good reason. This will definitely be a hot ticket item this holiday season, and not just for the ladies either. 
  Now for your friends who aren’t on the Clarisonic wagon, or even ones who are but love to use multiple tools to get their best skin ever, there is the Foreo Luna Pro. Again, this is a facial cleanser, and yes, this one also comes in multiple colors so it can be loved by everyone on your holiday gift list. A couple things that are sure to make this gift a hit, is not only it’s adorable size and portability, and not just the fact that its silicone coating makes it resistant to bacteria; but also the unique anti-aging technology it has. When you are using this device to cleanse your face, you are also fighting the signs of aging. Due to this technology, or as I like to call it, magic; the Foreo Luna pro massages and relaxes the facial muscles making fine lines and wrinkles do a vanishing act (only they don’t return), and increases circulation in the skin which boost the production of collagen and elastin to make the skin smoother and appear younger.
  Okay, we can’t talk about gifts and anti-aging without bring up my new fascination, the Nuface Trinity Facial Trainer Kit.  This kit comes with everything your gift getter will need to improve the their facial contours at home, without the need for surgery . This device is so cool! I freaked out when I first watched the video on this. The device uses micro currents to sculpt and tone your facial contours, kind of like a work out for your face, only your face doesn’t have to do any of the work to get the results. Now if only working out the rest of the body were that easy.
  Next we are going to talk about teeth, because I know what I want for Christmas and its pearly white teeth without having to go to the dentist every few months. Well guess what!? We have the perfect device for that! Meet the GLO Science GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device. This is another gift that is perfect for everyone on your list and could even be a gift to yourself this holiday season, because who doesn’t want stunning white teeth all year round. So for everyone on your list who drinks coffee, tea, wine or anything else that stains the teeth, this gift is for them. What I love about this device is that it is so fast, it delivers results of up to five shades whiter teeth in just 5 days! It is like magic watching it happen every day right before your eyes. The end result being teeth that are 8 shades whiter and you can forget about not wanting to drink all those yummy, warm, holiday beverages because this technology cuts the sensitivity so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for that beautiful smile. Also, and I feel like this should be said, it is just an adorable, portable, convenient device which makes it all the better for your holiday gift list.
Now because I mentioned all these great skin care tools, we need to talk about the gift of skin care products. There are tons of great products out there and it can be overwhelming to try and pick just one, but remember that when you are looking to gift skincare products stay with a set all in the same line. So if you are going to pick Murad (and that is an amazing choice, everyone loves Murad) get all the products from Murad. If you are going to pick something from Nip+Fab  then get the whole Nip + Fab line. Not only will you look like a skin care hero but the products will work best together. I also really love Murad, they have a group of skincare products for everyone. Seriously, it ranges from Murad’s anti-aging products all the way to helping with acne-prone skin and all of their products (at least the ones I have tried) smell amazing without being overpowering. So if you have someone who is sensitive to smells, Murad is a great skincare gift.
That being said here are my top 3 picks for skincare product lines. For anti-aging I love the Nip+Fab line, because not only do they have products for the face but also for the body and they deliver amazing results. I have always loved and always will love this line and I recommend it to people all the time.
Lastly, but certainly not least, and possibly my favorite is the mybody line. I LOVE this line, they are so amazing, I have never seen results from a line so quickly and without irritation (because I have sensitive skin). I have raved on and on the past couple of weeks about the mybody myhero Anti-Aging Growth Factor Serum which is a personal favorite, but the whole line is out of this world amazing. The results blow my mind and this is possibly one of the easiest gifts to give of a set because they are color coded and they also are sold on the site in sets to address different needs so it takes the guesswork out of what to get. There are, of course, a ton of different brands and products to choose from and you can find literally anything but those are just my top 3. Lastly on this gift guide the gift of makeup. So we have spent all this time talking about gifts to give to beautify the skin and face and even teeth, but now we need to talk about the perfect gifts to enhance the natural beauty AND if you are going to give the IPKN artist wave (and you should) then what better to give with that then makeup! Conveniently enough, IPKN also have a makeup line which is my first choice to give with the IPKN device because they are going to work so well together and I love the formula of the IPKN foundations. The coverage is so perfect and they go on so smooth, like a dream. IPKN also have awesome mascaras and eyeliners and GORGEOUS lip colors so they are a must this holiday season.  
  There is also the option of Dermablend which is the best coverage of foundation I have ever used, it is VERY full coverage and a little goes a long way, but it lasts all day and anyone who wear makeup but especially those with skin conditions they are trying to hide, will really appreciate this as a gift. For lips, I especially love La Bella Donna lip glosses and lip crayons. Don’t get me started because I could go forever. EVERYONE will love these, everyone. The colors are amazing and the formula is the most perfect lipgloss formula I have ever used! So there you have it! A guide to the best beauty and skincare gifts this season. All of these products are so amazing and will be a hit with everyone. I love getting and giving the gift of beautiful healthy skin, and a lot of these products are on my holiday list as well, so you know I am serious about these products! Go check them out and get started on your holiday gift list, you’ll be giving gifts so good even Santa will be asking for YOUR help next year!  
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