How to Get That SUMMER GLOW Beauty Edition

Summer has finally arrived and with it, comes all the pool parties, ocean side vacations, backyard barbecues, and the beauty dilemmas that can come with it. Here is how to feel good about your body, keep makeup meltdowns at bay, how to get that dewy summer skin & healthy hair you dream about. 

If you frequent my blogs you know my stance on sun protection to the point of ad nauseum. Yes, your body needs Vitamin D, which it synthesizes from the sun, but the risks can far outweigh the benefits if you are choosing to fry yourself. If you are one of those people who must catch some rays here is how to do it healthfully:

Exposure should only occur three times a week for 10-15 minutes MAX without sunscreen (you may be able to go a few more minutes if you naturally have a darker skin tone.) No more than that!

To keep yourself within these healthy parameters schedule to do this during your lunch hour Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Set a timer. Once you hear that “ding”, you are done baking, literally!

If you still question whether or not your vitamin D levels are adequate, schedule an appointment with your primary doctor for a blood test to see where you stand. Simple adjustments to your diet can also supplement your Vitamin D.

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While wearing sunscreen is obvious, here are other summer beauty tips to consider:

Make Fruits and Veggies the Main focus of every meal. At least half of the plate of every meal should consist of produce. Farmers markets, roadside stands and the local grocery store are abundant with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Lycopene a powerful antioxidant is not only found in tomatoes but also has high concentrations in watermelon. So enjoy all the summer specific vegetables and fruits. During warmer months it is truly important to keep your body hydrated. If you struggle to drink the recommended ounces of water daily, try adding sliced strawberries, cucumbers, lemon or mint to your water and you will find yourself more likely to drink it. Aside from all the vitamin and mineral benefits of increasing your produce consumption, you will also find that this additional intake will aid in your digestion to alleviate sluggishness and will help you in your health goals. Trying to be bikini ready and banish bloat? Avoid excess salt and dairy on swimsuit days.

Sweat and Sand Proof Your Makeup. Forgo full coverage foundations; instead opt for tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and CC creams. Conceal only where you really need it and use powder on your oily areas sparingly. If you are not using a primer as the first step to your makeup routine, it is a product worth investing in to ensure that your makeup endures and withstands sweltering temps. If you have skin prone to oiliness, use blotting papers throughout the day to combat shine. Setting sprays also lock in makeup and increase its longevity.

While some may think powders are the key to every summer look, products like cream blushes wear beautifully in the warmer months, they melt into the skin and create a realistic healthy flush. Cream shadows also tend to stand up better to water. If you find that your pencil eyeliner is leaving you looking like a raccoon by traveling down onto the tops of your cheeks or transferring onto your oily upper lid, try using liquid eyeliners instead.

If you want to experiment with bold colors but are intimidated, try focusing on one feature and leaving the rest of the face neutral- a daring purple, orange or bright red lipstick pairs beautifully with just a swipe of mascara and well-groomed eyebrows. Likewise, multiple coats of a colored mascara is a fun look when paired with just a simple nude lip balm.

If you plan on being directly in the sun for an extended period of time avoid super shiny lip glosses as they can magnify your lip’s sun exposure.

While a lipstick may not contain the same SPF ingredients (ex Titanium Dioxide) as a specified sun protection balm, the more opaque a lipstick is, the more sun protection it offers. This makes the newly popular long lasting matte liquid lipsticks a summer favorite. Considering it dries matte, you will also banish the hair-stuck-to-your-lip gloss experience all of us girls dread.

Adjust your Skincare Regiment. If you have oily or acne prone skin you may find that you need to switch to lighter product formulations. Swap creamier cleansers for gel washes. Oily skin types still need to use moisturizer but may find that it needs to only be applied once daily, preferably at night. For the very oiliest of skin, a hydrating facial spray is a perfect moisturizer. After misting onto your face, use your fingertips to gently press into the skin.

Masks are a great addition to your summer routine. Clay masks will absorb excess oil, while gel masks, can be stored in the fridge and are great for cooling the skin, while reducing redness and sensitivity.

Hyperpigmentation can become more apparent in the summer. Add a Vitamin C, licorice extract or Kojic acid containing serum to your routine. However if you continue to tan and expose yourself to too much sun, you will continue to have discoloration.

Exfoliate (dry brushing, salt scrub, loofa) your body regularly on days you do not shave.

Avoid unsightly bumps, folliculitis or razor rash by opting to have a professional wax. Once waxed you will not have to worry about shaving everyday or dark hair being visible within the follicle.

If you opt to shave apply a benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid or salicylic acid lotion to the shaven area to avoid razor rash. Coconut oil is also great post shave as it hydrates and has both anti-microbial/ anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are my tips if some form of water is your destination!

Beach and Ocean Beauty Tips:


Schedule a gel manicure/pedicure prior to a beach vacation. Sand and salt breakdown and dull regular nail polishes, opting for the gel version will insure your polish stays shiny and last far longer without chipping.

Long walks on the beach anyone? While the idea has a cheesy connotation walking on the sand engages muscles differently. The unevenness of the sand underneath you and the extra resistance is great for strengthening and toning your ankles, calves, hamstrings and glutes.

If your brows tend to bleach in the sun and you want to avoid that, rub your sunscreen lotion into them or swipe a sunscreen stick over them.

Why spend money on a salt spray for your hair when you can make use of the ocean water. As your hair air dries, twist small sections around your fingers for the perfect beachy waves.

Ocean water contains many healthy minerals and trace elements and is known for healing wounds. Those who have acne, scars and eczema may see improvement to their skin post an ocean vacation.

While the salt and sand is a great exfoliator, it is also drying so utilize outdoor showers to rinse off the excess. Apply a lightweight body lotion after a day at the beach.

Swimming Pool Tips:

Chlorine can be just as drying as salt, so rinse yourself as soon as possible after being in the pool and apply a full body moisturizer.

Wear flip flops in public areas as humidity and standing water, like what is found in changing areas and around the pool, are breeding grounds for the viruses and fungus that cause athlete’s foot, ringworm and plantar warts.

I have color treated hair and despite having my color done every four weeks, I keep chlorinated pool water from ever touching my hair. If you aren’t this hardcore, prior to the pool, wet your hair and apply a heavy weight conditioner that you do not rinse out until afterwards. This should give your locks an added layer of protection.

If you do not have time to go home and shower after the pool and are worried about your hair, bring along a club soda to rinse away residue.

To avoid brassiness or the dreaded green pool hair, mix baking soda with your favorite shampoo or while in the shower, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar prior to shampooing.

With added products and knowledge in your beauty arsenal, this advice should have you feeling confident to take on any summer beauty challenge and have you ready to embrace your inner mermaid!

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