How To: Halloween Makeup Tutorial - The Deer

October is one of my favorite times of year because at the end of it, after I’ve drowned myself in everything pumpkin, I get to dress up! Want to be a deer this year for Halloween, all you need is a brown shirt, some deer ears & this adorable doe eyed makeup look that is quick and easy to do. Here is a popular and pretty simple Halloween makeup idea. I used the Blinc Eyeliner pen in black (perfect for fine details) and like organic skincare line's sour cherry cleansing milk which is perfect for not only removing the makeup but also everyday use. For all the colors except for black I just used a regular drug store Halloween makeup kit. How To Makeup: The Deer: Start with a clean face and apply your normal foundation, if you choose to use cream makeup do not apply powder over your foundation or the creams will not blend as well. how to do makeup hallooween deer   Next bronze up the apples of the cheeks all the way back to where your ear connects with your face. I used a cream contour color from my regular makeup set for this step.   halloween makeup tutorial cute deer Next I used my Blinc eyeliner pen in black and drew two lines down the side of my nose and a line across my nose about where my nostrils are. I then filled in my nose, blacked out my cupids bow and top lip. I filled in my eyebrows with a fawn brown eyebrow pencil and made them look a little bushy and messy since the look we are going for is a deer look.  halloween makeup tutorial how to deer makeup I then used my white cream makeup and filled in the area from about mid cheek up and mid forehead down, lining around my eyes as close as possible and down the bridge and sides of my nose. I then took my eyeliner pen with the assistance of the black Halloween cream makeup and drew lines in the inner v-corner of my eye and down below my bottom lid out and added some white dots on the rest of the brown part of my cheek. Lastly I added lots of mascara (fake eyelashes would be good as well) and some soft red lip stain on my bottom lip. That's it! All you need to finish the look is the ears and fawn colored outfit! If you don’t like the deer idea my fiance told me it reminded him of a brown spotted dog, so dog ears would be a fun alternative as well! If you need an idea for a couples costume, do the deer look and make the other half the hunter! It’s cute and funny all rolled into one easy Halloween look.  
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