How to Prevent your Skin from Peeling

Spring Break is FINALLY upon us! It's time to dust off those swim suits and sundresses for long days in the sun. If you are anything like me, your skin hasn't seen sunlight in a very long time. Winters here in Upstate New York are brutal. Find out what can be done once peeling starts and how to prevent your skin from peeling. Tips on How to Prevent your Skin from Peeling SPF: Safely protect the outer part of your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays with an SPF product. As a general rule, you should apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. You also need to reapply sunscreen after every swimming session or every  1 - 2 hours. Our collection of SPF ranges for those with sensitive skin to acne prone, from lotions to gels, and everything in-between. SHOWER: Taking a cool shower after receiving a sunburn can help protect your skin from peeling. A shower will also bring relief to a painful sunburn. Always remember to apply a moisturizer or lotion after your shower. COCONUT OIL: Coconut Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that not only helps with the inflammation of sunburn but also helps moisturize your skin. You can spray a liberal amount of CapriClear to your sunburn each hour for relief from dryness and inflammation. CapriClear Coconut Oil Spray is also great for non-sunburned skin after a day in the sun to keep your skin moisturized. ASPIRIN OR IBUPROFEN: If you do not have an allergy or drug complications take aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve pain and inflammation. WATER: And lastly, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. What to do when your Skin Starts Peeling Peeling of your skin is the skin's attempt to get rid of the sun damaged cells. Peeling causes iriitbalility and makes you want to itch your sunburn. There are just those times that no matter how much lotion you apply, your skin starts to peel. And nobody wants that to happen but what can be done once it starts? Apply a generous amount of coconut oil to the peeling skin and rub it into the skin. This is by no means a cure, but it does help with the pain and reduces some of the flakes. And bonus, the coconut oil really brings out your tan after applying it. Have you or are you planning on heading someplace for Spring Break?

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