How to Slay the 4th of July

What’s not to love about the 4th of July? Barbecues, pool parties, beach bonfires, fireworks…all of these things are such a fun way of celebrating ‘Murica! Unfortunately the fun that we have on July 4th can often wreck havoc on July 5th but don’t worry! Here is your fool proof guide to slaying July 4th and surviving July 5th.

Slay the 4th of July

Suns out Buns Out

Whether your outfit of choice for the 4th is a bikini or a flowy dress, one thing is for sure…we tend to show more skin and spend more time outdoors on the 4th than we do the rest of the year. As long as we have proper sun protection and remember to reapply we can enjoy the great outdoors as much as we want!

I recommend starting off the day using La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral all over your body especially the areas that aren’t going to be covered up. I know that I will most likely be wearing makeup on the 4th so a big hangup for a lot of us with reapplication is messing up our look! That’s why the Avene High Protection Compact in SPF 50 is the perfect solution not only to protect your skin but also to mattify your makeup if you start to sweat throughout the day. I prefer to apply with a powder brush so I get more sheer coverage but a makeup pad works well too!

A lot of people think that you only need to tend to skin that has gotten some sun if you have gotten sunburned. However even if you aren’t sunburned sun damage can still occur. I love using the Avene After-Sun Repair Creamy Gel whether I have an island glow or a ripe tomato look by the end of the day. Unfortunately the process of getting a tan from the sun can harm your natural moisture barrier, lead to hyperpigmentation and make you lose elasticity so this amazing gel can act as your personal body guard against all of those signs of aging. It’s also paraben and silicone free as well as hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. The best thing to do is apply it as soon as you can after sun exposure ESPECIALLY after the shower.

Rosé All Day…Until Bedtime

As one of the top 3 heaviest drinking days of the year in the US,  the 5th of July can make us regretful of the partying the day before. But if we properly prepare then we can slay the 4th AND the 5th. First things first…the main reason why we get hangovers is because of the LARGE amounts of simple sugars that make up alcoholic beverages including shots of hard liquor. 

We all know the physical feeling of being hungover but that can also leave your skin looking tired and even lead to premature aging. I always take collagen, calcium and hyaluronic acid supplements because these are the main compounds that our skin uses to heal itself like the Murad Youth Builder (Anti-aging Dietary Supplement Because sugar breaks down the collagen in our skin I would highly recommend jumping on the skin supplement bandwagon as well.

Something that we all have done at least once is have so much fun celebrating during the day that once bedtime comes we don’t have the energy to take off our makeup and  cleanse our skin. Whether you’re prone to breakouts or not leaving on your makeup can lead to premature skin aging, tired skin, hyper pigmentation and other not so flattering results. Whether you’re staying over at a friend’s house or going home at the end of the night DO NOT GO TO BED without using BRYT Remove Eye and Makeup Remover. Not only does it get rid of your makeup but it also has skin loving oils and antioxidants that will help heal your skin while you’re asleep.

After removing your makeup and cleansing don’t forget to moisturize while you’re asleep! You guys know how into supplements I am and I just found my newest obsession! A big problem with anti-aging skincare lines is that if you don’t technically have maturing skin then anti-aging products can really flare you up as far as acne goes because your skin is already producing the amount of “good stuff” that it needs so it gets overwhelmed by the product. The Cura Complexion Catalyst Creme provides all of those anti aging benefits without using traditional anti aging ingredients so feel free to smooth this on after a day of sun drinking and partying no matter your age! As we mentioned earlier calcium is a compound that your body naturally uses to heal itself and Cura Skincare uses calcium in their skincare line! This cream also uses caffeine to help stimulate skin cell renewal, Colloidal oatmeal to help sooth your skin and prevent moisture loss as well as other supercharged ingredients.

“I Think I’m Going to Call in Sick”

Despite our best efforts whether it’s lack of sleep, dehydration, sun damage or just not being able to adult today don’t let hungover skin be the reason to skip work on July 5th. Timeless Beauty Bar Face the Day Sheet Mask is the perfect boost that you need after cleansing before work to help you have a good skin day. Not only is it hydrating but it also reduces redness, soothes and restores your skin so that you can take on the day!

Now that you have your skin arsenal set up make sure to be have fun, be safe and party like there is no tomorrow! Happy 4th of July!

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