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As a product specialist, here at, there are a lot of questions that I get asked over and over. One of those questions is about what to apply and when. You now have all these wonderful products at home but how are they applied and when do you use them? Have no fear, I can help sort that out for you!

It can be very confusing for novice skincare users as well as for advanced users the difference between serums, SPF's, and toners not to mention how to layer everything correctly. 

AM Skincare - What to Apply & When Lets start with a morning routine. First use a proper cleanser and toner for your skin type. After toner apply a serum . Vitamin C or Glycolic based work better in the daytime. They tend to be more preventive , such as Obagi professional C serum great for counter acting free radicals that break down elastin in our skin and add brightness.

Next apply a hydrator cream and eye cream that is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eye. This will reduce fine lines and decrease puffiness. Now comes sun protection. I like the Avene Ultra Light 50 spf for the face. This contains Vitamin E to protect the skin and thermal spring water to soothe the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Finish with makeup if needed.

PM Skincare - What to Apply & When Continuing on for evening. Again cleanse your skin and follow with toner of your choice here I like to apply a retinol based cream. The Niadyne NIA 24 Intense Retinol Repair for example,  at night while the skin is resting offers an improvement in the overall firmness of the skin. Retinols do not mix well with the sun so use these in the evening.

Again if you still feel dry apply moisturizer over ,and follow with your eye cream. Meg 21 Bright and Firm does just what it says . This will soften lines, add brightness ,and reduce puffiness. Remember just a tiny amount for this area. And don't forget your neck area. PM is the perfect time to apply a neck treatment. Wilma Schuumann Neck and Bust Firming Cream is applied in upward  strokes daily. So I hope this gave alittle insight to a healthy skin routine. Feel free to call our customer service number and let me create a personal skincare routine for you.

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Blog Written by askderm's in-house Cosmetologist 

Carolyn is a NYS Licensed Cosmetologist. She has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry with make up, skin, and hair care services. Based on her expertise in the industry, Carolyn provides expert skin care & hair care knowledge to our customers.

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