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I am not sure if in my professional career, I have ever been this excited about a skincare company, EVER! I have been a vegetarian for over half of my life. 90% of the groceries I bring into my home are organic. Lastly, I am a stickler about recycling- I even recycle the little paper tags off clothing I purchase! It makes me feel good when my work life can coincide with my personal morals that I practice at home. ACURE is a company with ethics. This natural and organic company has chosen a sustainable, eco-friendly and cruelty-free approach. Best of all, all of these good-for-the-people and good-for-the-earth products are completely affordable! Not one item is over 30 dollars.
ACURE is free from:
Animal Testing Parabens Sulfates Phtalates Synthetic Fragrances Harmful Preservatives Artificial Color Gluten Sodium Chloride
Benefits to Choosing Organic
Agriculture grown in this manor is free from toxic synthetic pesticides and other chemicals that could potentially enter our soil, water and our bodies. Aside from limiting your exposure to toxins, supporting organic practices may mean not contributing to the frightening bee population crisis. Choosing ACURE means supporting smaller family farms with strong personal connections to the land they are farming and love.
Other "Green" Benefits of ACURE
-ACURE is a Green-e certified company with a neutral carbon footprint -100% of their office and manufacturing practices are produced using wind and solar power
-All the products are 100% biodegradable and break down safely as to not pollute our water
-The packaging is made from recycled materials and certified sustainable wood
If the “tree hugger” inside of you is not impressed, then maybe the science behind ACURE will entice you. There are two key ingredients in this line:
Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF): Chlorella is a single-cell algae rich in nucleic acids. CGF is clinically proven to protect collagen and elastin fibers, making it a key anti-aging ingredient. Clinical studies have shown that CGF increases collagen expression by 333% in a 1% concentration.
Curoxidant Blend: This blend is a combination of five organic fruits and herbs (Acai, pomegranate, black berry, rosehip and roobis) that are potent in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.
My Favorites
While I have not tried every single product within the line (Trust me, I will get there!), these are some of my favorites so far:
Sensitive Facial Cleanser- Normally when I think about a fragrance free, mild cleanser, I think about something that is lack luster. This cleanser is anything but! It is so rich and creamy. I love this paired with a cleansing device like my FOREO Luna mini. I have oily skin but have issues using cleansers with salicylic acid, as they over sensitize my skin. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean yet hydrated with argan oil, probiotics and pumpkin seed oil.
Brightening Facial Scrub- Just like the cleanser changed my mind about fragrance free cream cleansers, this scrub has me changing my position on a physical exfoliant. I do not like scrubs, normally they are too gritty and they over-sensitize the skin. Nothing gives an esthetician an unpleasant twitch like an apricot scrub, ugh.  This scrub does not leave your skin feeling like you just put hundreds of tiny tears into its surface. It is loaded in sea kelp and contains French green clay. Because it contains clay, after I massage it into my skin I like to leave it on in the shower for five minutes. It acts as a mini-mask and pulls out impurities. I use this scrub two times a week so my face feels extra smooth and clean!
Oil Control Facial Moisturizer- This moisturizer has gotten me through this way-too-long winter. My oily skin easily becomes dehydrated, and while most moisturizers for my skin-type feel watery and pointless, this one is rich yet soaks in nicely. Lilac stem cells control oil production and help heal blemishes.
Cell Stimulating Facial Mask- This is a mask for everyone. It contains French green clay to draw out impurities, while adding moisture to the skin from Moroccan argan oil, CoQ10 and Sea buckthorn oil. Unlike other clay masks, this one does not require a lot of friction to remove. Add water to your fingertips and it actually begins to foam. Use circular motions as if you were washing your face prior to splashing with water.
Eye Cream- This eye product performs better than some 200-dollar creams I have tried! You get a lot of product in this tube. Even better, you can use it around the entire eye area, unlike some eye creams, which are not recommended for the lid. This has definitely improved the crepiness underneath my eyes and my concealer is not settling into creases any longer.
A lot of people make comments about wanting to “Go green”, but then proclaim  “I don’t have the space or time for a compost bin”, as if that is their only way to not negatively contribute to environmental problems. There are FAR more ways to limit your carbon footprint. Something as easy as choosing a specific product line can help! That is a simple choice that can add up if you think about how many bottles of lotions and creams are sitting in your medicine cabinet. For me, the money I am saving because ACURE is so affordable, makes it easier for me to purchase and prepare that organic/ vegan kale and quinoa salad I love so much!
Blog Written by askderm's in house Esthetician Chantal Monique
Chantal Monique is a NYS licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist. She has 7 years experience in skin care and makeup artistry. Her specialties include makeup application and facial treatments, her work has included upscale clientele, a private investigator undercover and independent film work. Chantal also has a background in the Fine Arts. With the unique combination of her education as well as the desire to help people feel beautiful, Chantal provides expert skin care knowledge for our customers as well as the must have ingredients and trending looks. With an ever growing portfolio and clientele askderm is excited to be teamed up with Chantal for future blogs, informational videos and skin care tips! 

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