IPKN Artist Wave Auto Makeup Review

The IPKN Artist Wave Auto Makeup Applicator is an answer to every makeup lover's prayers. I am not kidding, this product did such an amazing job with applying my liquid foundation that I have literally forgotten where I placed my old foundation brush. This little device is unlike any other I have ever seen for foundation and I have seen them all, from fingers, to the beauty blender, and now this. The IPKN Artist Wave is easy to use and does such a flawless job that it is sure to revolutionize every user’s makeup routine.
ipkn artist wave auto makeup review box
First off, the packaging is beautiful with it’s bright white box and pink accents. Once you open it, everything is laid out nicely that it’s a breeze to put together. There is some assembly required but it is so simple a three year old could do it. The package comes with the device, the required batteries, a cap for the device (covers the sponge tip), and 6 sponge tip replacements (aside from the one already on the device). The sponge applicators are anti-microbial making them cleaner than your traditional makeup brushes, which in turn is great for keeping your skin blemish free.
ipkn artist wave auto makeup review set
Once you put it all together you end up with this adorable, semi egg shaped device that fits in the palm of your hand; but don’t let it’s small size fool you. Once you turn on this adorable device it does some work! The IPKN Artist Wave vibrates in your hand which aids in the application of smooth, skin looking makeup. The vibrations aren’t violent and they actually feel pretty good on your face, it has a very soothing effect.
ipkn artist wave auto makeup review in hand
I started by dispensing my liquid foundation onto the back of my clean hand, as normal, and then lightly dipped the sponge part of the device into the makeup and turned on the Artist Wave. Now here is where the learning curve might be for some of us (at least it was for me), you do not need to press hard at all. I know for me I always associate having well blending makeup with applying a decent amount of pressure with my brush and with this device it is not at all necessary. With a light hand, glide the device all over the face, anywhere you want to apply foundation. The sponge tip on the device is flexible so, although at first glance the flat sponge may seem like it isn’t great for getting everywhere, it is!
ipkn artist wave auto makeup review
After using this device to apply my foundation, it looks flawless. Almost like I was wearing a second layer of better skin, which in all honesty is how we want our makeup to look on our skin; blended and like a more improved version of skin. Now after this worked so wonderfully for my foundation, I took a chance (with a new sponge) and applied my powder foundation and then again, tried it with my cream blush. I was completely surprised with the look of my makeup. I aspire to be the best at blending and my face was so blended and flawless looking that I was in shock! The IPKN Artist Wave is a great device to have for applying flawless and beautifully blended makeup. It is great for travel due to its compact size. It has replaced all of my makeup brushes and is an essential beauty tool in my beauty routine.
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