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I have found my new favorite serum! The myHero Anti-Aging Growth Factor Serum is a wonderful product that diminishes the effects of aging while tightening and brightening the skin. I didn't know that I needed this product in my skincare routine but I need this in my skincare regimen. The myHero name totally fits because it is my hero when it comes to my skin. This serum is an anti-aging growth factor serum that uses myBody's myGF3 biomimetic growth factor technology to help your skin regenerate itself so that over time skin looks more flawless and youthful. This serum claims to (and does) brighten skin tone while tightening any problem areas with fine lines and even deep wrinkles. Not only does it work magic on wrinkles but it fades any age spots that might pop up and reverses any other signs of photo-damage and any kind of skin discoloration such as redness or dark spots. Being in my twenties, I have fairly young skin, I targeted the areas that have some fine lines mainly around my eyes due to me rubbing and pulling at my skin.  I also use this on areas were I have some redness as well as uneveness in my skin tone around my nose and on my chin. I also put it on my neck because I always try to fight any signs of aging on my neck. Now, before I go any further I do want to mention that while I am still in my twenties with fairly youthful healthy skin, I have done my fair share of damage by laying in tanning beds and outside on the beach all throughout high school and early college. I didn’t realize it then but I was doing damage to my VERY fair skin. As a result I have started to notice some pre-mature aging and some wrinkles forming. mybody myhero review After using the myHero serum, those signs of pre-mature aging and wrinkles has decreased. My skin tone is more even and brighter, the areas around my nose and chin have reduced redness and those little lines I started to notice around my eyes have diminished significantly. It is almost like I turned back time and put sunscreen on my 16 year old self and decided against the tanning membership at the age of 18. I am not kidding, I loved the effects so much that I thought, why not go all out and put it on my entire face and see what happens. What happened was amazing: complete face make over. I didn’t even know I had the extra redness and uneven tone until a few days later when I woke up and looked in the mirror to see some of the most even skin of my life. I had redness in my cheeks along with some uneven tone on my jawline that I thought were completely natural and normal, nothing to worry about. Boy, was I wrong! I have had hands down, the most even skin tone I think I’ve ever had since I have started using this product. This product is versatile as well because I haven’t had to replace another product that I love or alter my routine; it fits right into my skincare routine as if it always belonged there. The formula of this serum is so silky smooth and easily absorbed that you can easily layer this product in with other skincare products on top. Not only will your skin drink it up, but it won’t block your skin from taking in all the other good things you put on your face. The texture as you gently rub this serum in, is so nice and thin that it doesn’t leave any tacky residue or rub off but it is also thick enough that it glides nicely over the skin. Almost immediately after using this serum, the feel of the skin has changed and it feels softer and smoother. Because of the consistency of this product a little goes a long way and one pump is enough to cover the entire face and part of the neck when applied with small dots all over the face. Now if none of this convinces you that you need this, just let me tell you that this next result will. As with most of my products I apply this serum to the back of my hand in the same are I have a scar from a 400 degree curling iron. This scar has been on the back of my hand for over a year now. It’s an old scar that had no promise of going anywhere or fading anytime soon. I dispense the product onto the back of my hand and after applying it to my face I rub it in on the back of my hands as well, just the limited amount left over, I don’t apply any extra. No joke, the scar has faded almost completely. If you looked at my hands now you probably wouldn’t even know I had a scar there. All there is left is a whisper of redness which I am sure will being going away any day now. Like I said, the name fits this product, myHero. I am so excited to see the results on my mother when I have her try this because I know that it works and I know that she is going to love it. If you have anything that you want to improve about your skin, or if you are just looking for a great product to help with anti-aging then you have to check this product out, you won’t regret it as the results are simply beautiful! The company is also great because the products are made in the USA and they DO NOT test on animals, so not only is this a great and effective product but it’s also ethical and supports the US economy. This product is truly myHero.  
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