NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel Review

I was recently introduced to the idea of at home chemical peels and I had seemed wary with some of the different products that were being sold out there (I’m not going to test it out with something that could potentially burn me!) but I heard amazing reviews about Neostrata's at-home peel from several of my esthetician friends who have used it themselves and who recommend it for their clients to use in-between visits. Will the Neostrata Perfecting Peel leave your skin feeling amazing & radiant, read my full Neostrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel Review. Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you leave the spa or dermatologist’s office after getting a nice chemical peel? That bright radiance your skin is left with as you walk out the door. Ideally, if I had the time and money to hit the spa every two to three weeks for a chemical peel I’d absolutely would love to! But some people just aren’t able to manage it.
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The NeoStrata Skin Perfecting Peel fades the signs of aging including fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and discoloration after several uses while it improves even the most uneven of skin tones. Its Alpha hydroxy acids, citric acids and glycolic acids all help in the exfoliation of dead skin cells which results in your skin feeling softer and becoming much smoother looking. The Perfecting Peel promotes healthy cell renewal which will also help prevent premature aging. To neutralizer pad is packed with soothing extracts which works with your skin by preventing irritation, discomfort and redness from occurring. The NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel can be used in between professional chemical peels, but I suggest consulting with your dermatologist prior.
The NeoStrata Skin Active Perfecting Peel was incredibly easy to use which made it even more amazing in my book but it also showed results after the first use! The Perfecting Peel is great for aging, oily, dry, combination and normal skin types and is dye free and fragrance free. After the first use, you will notice your skin is brighter and feel much smoother to the touch. My skin felt wonderful afterwards…It was very hard not to keep touching it to feel its softness! Your One Stop For A Perfect Chemical Peel At Home You finally don’t have to wait to find the time to get a professional chemical peel, you can easily do it yourself safely at home. To use this product properly make sure you read the directions which are simple and very easy to read. The Skin Active Perfecting Peel can be used weekly at home and incorporated into your beauty routine.
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In order to use the Perfecting Peel make sure you wash your face prior with a gentle, fragrance free cleanser, next you will use the ‘Step 1 Peel Pad’ all over your face (I suggest doing so in a gentle circular motion avoiding eyes and lips). Leave the peel on for ten minutes but make sure you monitor your skin’s response…(A slight tingle is to be expected but if burning or redness occur you can use the Neutralizing pad prior to the ten minutes to neutralize the reaction). Once the Perfecting Peel has been left on, use the ‘Step 2 Neutralizing Pad’ all over your face covering all areas that the peel pad had been applied (still avoiding eyes and lips). After doing so, you must rinse your face off with water to remove any impurities and residue. Make sure to apply a fragrance free moisturizer to hydrate your skin after use. Because your skin just had a chemical peel similar to that by a professional, you still need to apply sunscreen before going outdoors as it will leave your skin extra sensitive to the sun’s rays. Overall, this is an absolutely amazing peel that I will continue to use and recommend to friends, family and clients. It was definitely worth the investment and your skin will look and feel amazing and radiant afterwards!
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