New Year, New You: Pre & Post Workout Skincare

It’s that time of year again where we have our sights set on our New Year’s resolutions and on all the goals we have created for ourselves for the upcoming year.  One of the most popular resolutions is getting in shape and losing weight.  Here are some pre and post workout skincare tips that will surely make a difference in your skin health.  These tips are simple to remember and easy to follow. As you may notice, gyms, fitness classes and even outside, you’ll see many more people working out to work on their personal fitness goals.  Working out is great for your body, physically and mentally.  When a person exercises, they are getting much needed endorphins that need to lift their mood.  Besides your overall feeling great, you will also be releasing toxins as you sweat; just an added benefit of fitness.  


Pack Your Gym Bag with The Necessities…

Many people go to the gym before or after work and rush out of there with just a quick shower…not too fast.  In order to prevent facial or body acne, there are some necessities that should be in every gym bag because a quick shower isn’t enough.
  • Make up Remover. Yes, your crush is working out on the other elliptical and you really want to look cute for them…if you must, stick to just mascara and a tinted lip balm when working out so you don’t clog your pores and cause a breakout. Always workout with all makeup properly removed from your skin. The REN Rosa Centifolia eye makeup remover is a silky milk make-up remover designed with a blend of oils and flower water for gentle but thorough cleansing including waterproof mascara.
  • Gentle, oil free face wash. The gentle, oil free facial wash will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean without any heavy residue. The Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is an oil-free face wash that cleanses for all skin types.
  • Oil free clarifying body wash. Whether you take a shower before or after working out or both, you should have a nice, soft smelling oil free body wash that will help keep your skin looking good avoiding any body acne that can pop up due to bacteria and clogged pores.
  • Non Alcoholic Toner. These non-alcoholic toners will not only refresh your skin they will free your skin from bacteria giving you a truly fresh face with balanced PH levels. The Avene Gentle toner is alcohol-free, oil-free, hypoallergenic, and noncomedogenic. 
  • Cleansing Wipes.  I know many people use the same rag/towel to wipe their faces as they’re working out and there are some that will even wipe the sweat with their extremely bacteria infested hands (have you seen all the sweat that lingers on machines in the gym?!?! Especially with those who don’t wipe them down properly). Keep a pack of cleansing wipes on you for when you need to freshen your face while working out without clogging your pores with nasty bacteria. Acure's cleansing wipes are all-natural biodegradable Argan Oil Towelettes refresh, cleanse, soothe, detoxify on the spot. 
  • Different Clothing.  This may sound a bit obvious, but make sure you have another set of clothes to change into once you shower.  For females, wearing the same sports bra that you wore and got sweaty in will increase your risk of body acne while it keeps the sweat and bacteria on your freshly cleaned, open pored skin.


Make Sure You Are Prepared To Sweat It Out…

  • Keep That Hair Back. Invest In A Cute Headband.  I too have tried (and failed miserably) to look cute while working out and that includes keeping my long hair loose…not a great idea.  Not only will your workout suffer since you’ll be more focused on pushing your hair out of your face but your skin will suffer too. Hair that falls on your skin while you’re sweating will more likely get an acne breakout. Plus, who wants that sweaty hair look?! 
  • Wear Moisture Wicking Clothing.  I don’t care if you sweat, sparkle, glisten….whatever you may call it, it is pretty gross seeing large sweat stains coming from clothing.  Not only does it look disgusting, just think of all the bacteria that is being trapped tightly against your skin. Bacteria causes not only breakouts but other infections so check out some awesome workout gear that are moisture wicking to keep you cool, dry and feeling cute! My favorite lifting tank not only is moisture wicking but has the awesome phrase ‘Mascara and Muscles’, there are so many awesome sites so go check them out! 
  • Keep Water Handy.  While you work out and sweat it out, your body is dehydrating.  Make sure you keep your body and skin hydrated by drinking water as you work out. 
  • Avoid The Tanning Booth.  I know, I know, your gym membership is only ten dollars more for unlimited tanning a month. AVOID it!  Not only are you risking your skin of skin cancer but you are also damaging it and making it age rapidly.  Opt for a lightweight sunless tanner to still get that gorgeous glow without all the risk. 
  • Wear SPF.  For those of you that enjoy exercising outdoors with the wonderful sun on your face and breeze blowing by you, you need to make sure your skin is protected by always having a lightweight, oil free, broad spectrum uva/uvb sunscreen.  Never leave home without it.


After A Good Workout…

  • Take A Shower.  Once your body cools down, take a cool shower.  Your skin is not only covered in sweat and bacteria but your pores are open and more susceptible to infection.  After a nice shower with a gentle, oil free wash your skin will feel refreshed, cleansed and free from blemishes.
  • Apply Alcohol Free Toner.  Balance your body’s ph levels and allow the toner to let products better penetrates your skin by spritzing on freshly clean, naked skin.
  • Keep Your Skin Moisturized.  Even though the last thing you’d want after working out is your skin feeling heavy, you still need to keep it moisturized to make up for loss of water while exercising.  Apply a light, oil free moisturizer to not only provide the needed moisture but will help your skin from getting clogged pores. Rehydrate, replenish and detoxify skin while shielding it against harmful micropollutants with derma-e's silky, lightweight, oil-free moisturizer.
  • Avoid Touching Your Face.  I have the habit of touching my face, often. Rubbing, touching and even just resting my head on my hands are bad habits that really should be stopped.  While gyms are susceptible to disgusting germs, there are bacteria everywhere you touch so while your pores are still open, avoid touching your face and allowing germs to enter the pores.
Enjoy working towards all of your New Year’s Resolutions no matter what they may be.  Whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, enjoying the small things or getting that dream job you are hoping for, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what you want.   The New Year is a time to reevaluate your life and start fresh.  If any obstacles or hurdles get in your way, don’t let it stop you just let it make you stronger.  So grab your gym bag, lace up those sneakers and have fun getting active! Do it not only to fit in those jeans but to mentally feel amazing. Work it girl!  
askderm's guest esthetician
Blog Written by askderm's Guest Esthetician 

Stephanie Ivonne is a New Jersey licensed Esthetician.  Her fun-loving, outgoing personality will shine through her product selections & reviews to help you discover the hottest skincare and beauty products.

When Stephanie is not scouring the internet for the next hot skincare product, she is a mother to two wonderful biological children, a dedicated foster mom and is devoted to her husband of 13 years.


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