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As a licensed Esthetician, I am always testing out new hair removal products. I was super excited to test out the no!no! MICRO since I've heard wonderful things. With its Thermicon technology, no!no! devices use heat to trigger not only the visible hair but the follicle which will slow down hair growth after consistent use. After reading numerous articles and blog posts, watching YouTube vides, and hearing about the no!no! hair removal devices for years, I was ready to get my hands on the no!no! MICRO to see if it truly works as good as they say it does. One benefit of the no!no! MICRO is its size. The no!no! MICRO is a smaller version of the original no!no! PRO and it can be taken with you wherever you go.  I just recently went on vacation and I conveniently stored the no!no! MICRO in my handbag for any touchups or spots that I realized I had missed while on-the-go.

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What to Do when it First Arrives:

As much as I was dying to try it out as soon as my no!no! MICRO had arrived, I had to practice self control (which I have oh so very little of) and wait the recommended five hours to fully charge the system.   Once the no!no! MICRO is fully charged, the blinking green light will stop blinking and will stay solid. That’s your sign that it is ready to use. Its important to read the small packet of instructions to make sure you are using the device properly.  The no!no! MICRO comes with two Thermicon Tips - wide and narrow. The wide Thermicon tip is used for larger areas such as thighs, legs while the smaller, narrow Thermicon tip works wonderfully for your facial hair, underarms and your forearms.

Once you’re ready to begin…

Before using, make sure you remove any lotions or creams in the area with a gentle cleanser.   Those whom have sensitive skin I highly advise you to test a couple small areas to make sure you do not have a reaction to using the no!no! device. Once you choose the proper tip, you will easily insert the tip with the words ‘no!no!’ facing upwards while the device is turned off.   Once the desired tip is attached, you will turn on and slowly glide the device against the hair follicles…remembering to do this without going back and forth in the area.   You will glide the no! no! MICRO in a gentle 90 degree angle in the direction that the no! no! logo is facing which should be against the grain.   As the directions say, you need to use a ‘Steady, Smooth and Even motion’ since moving too slowly will not activate the device and moving too quickly will defeat the purpose of removing the hair.   The blue light will appear steady when you are gliding the no!no! properly  and it will beep if done improperly.   Make sure you do not press down too hard as it will get very warm and uncomfortable that way, and will not work as described.   Everyone is different and the texture of your hair varies from one person to another and one area of your body to another so keep that in mind if you have to swipe 4-6 passes in an area.   Once you finish a section, you will use the buffer and gently buff in a circular motion until the hairs are removed.   Occasionally you may need to add a few more swipes with the no! no! after buffing if any hair is left remaining.   no!no! device review does it work In the picture above, you will notice the very hairy arm then the touched up no! no! treated area on the right half of the picture that stayed that smooth four days in.

Don’t worry, if you have thicker, coarser hair…it works for us too!

Once I completed a skin test making sure my skin could handle gliding the device a few more times than the 4-6 suggested, I had to go over some areas more than others to remove the coarse hair. My arms and facial hair were removed within the 4-6 slow, gentle swipes but from years and years of shaving my legs, I had to go over my legs about 9 glides to fully remove all the hair.  Although mine took that many, one of my best friends who tried it with me was able to remove all of hers in as little as 5 swipes.  It really depends on the hair and how sensitive your skin is with the warm sensation.  

Just a word of advice…

The first few times I used the no!no! MICRO hair removing system I was nervous because not only did I not know what to fully expect but because it does beep and make a few surprising beeps if doing it incorrectly.  However, the more that I practiced, the easier it became to use and the better results I was getting. You need to hold the skin taunt and tight so your skin will allow the no!no! to warm up the hair and follicles without your skin moving around causing the device to work harder. I personally do not like the laser smell when you are using the device so I make sure I am either in the bathroom with the vent on or even outside on the patio so the smell isn’t strong.   Once you are done removing the hair, allow your skin to breathe.  If you would like to apply lotions or creams afterwards, make sure it is gentle and fragrance free so your newly treated skin doesn’t become sensitive.

How long does it last?

Just like getting waxed or even going to the gym, you will not experience overnight quick results.   Similar to waxing (but pain free, non-messy and no ingrown hairs) you will notice your hair will become thinner and will be easier to remove while your skin will stay smoother, longer.   Patience is really the key.  After using the no! no! micro for a month so far, I have noticed my arms stay smooth for about four or five days before having to do a touch up where as my leg hair lasts about two days due to the fact it is so coarse and thick.  My facial hair doesn’t come back for about a week which is so exciting for me since I am one that always broke out when waxing and with the no! no! my skin stays nice and smooth without any breakouts!   Just remember everyone is different but I can promise you with patience, you will get better results each time you use it.


I can’t praise the no! no! micro enough!   Was it easy to use? Yes. Did it remove all of the unwanted hair? Yes. Did the charge last the entire time? Yes.   When you add up the cost of shaving supplies a month or for me, the cost of getting waxed every couple of weeks, the no!no! MICRO pays for itself.  It’s great for all skin types from sensitive to damage to fair skin to dark and works wonderfully for everyone.  Try it out for yourself and you will be hooked! The summer is right around the corner so show off your beautifully soft skin without the unattractive stubble and razor bumps…what are you waiting for?!
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